ASkars joins “The Giver”

Lots of media coverage this morning on the news that Alexander Skarsgard will be joining Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges in the big-screen adaptation of the dystopian novel The Giver.  Some stories are reporting that filming will take place this fall, while others seem unsure, so it’s hard to gauge yet how this will fit in with ASkar’s True Blood shooting schedule.  A couple of takes on the news are below. I suspect until we hear details on the schedule people might be nervous about what impact this will have on Eric as a character, but until I hear otherwise, I’m choosing to believe Eric will be in season 7.  Congrats to Alex on netting such a big project!


7 responses to “ASkars joins “The Giver”

  1. I think Alexander skarsgard is a great actor and it’s nice to know that he isn’t let Eric Northman determine the outcome of his acting career. True Blood is great about working around their actors personal and professional endeavors and hope to see him next year season 7 on True Blood.

  2. The ‘Giver’ is a far better choice professionally than ’50 Shades of Gray’. At 37 one does not want to be typecast as an aging roue.

  3. Every time I heard of the rumour of Eric meeting the true death on TB, I never thought it made sense for the show to do that to their most popular character. The only possible reason I could see would be for the actor to want out so as to avoid missing out on opportunities such as this feature film that looks great. I was before under the impression that the main cast had signed up initially for 6 seasons but recently I read for 7 seasons so I do not know anymore… I think TB will try to keep him in but it may get tricky… I think we’ll get a clue from what happens to him in the last two eps… Like if he goes wild at vamp camp he may need to go into hiding / exile for a while during Season 7.

  4. I think if/when Alex leaves, that will be the end of TB as we know it, so I think they are going to negotiate something to make it work for as long as everyone is agreed. I’ve wondered if one reason why the Tarzan movie project is on hold is because of ASkars’ contract with TB. Maybe it can’t be filmed without TB’s limits.

    • I agree but if they can work around Anna Paquin’s pregnancy I’m sure they would do the same for him especially since he is keeping the show afloat. Maybe that’s why they introduced Warlow and Warlow didn’t get accepted as they thought his character would, like I said if the writers didn’t package him to enter Sookie’s life like Bill I may have warmed up to him. Warlow was a lie from the start lying in the woods pretending to be hurt was too much like Preston Pardloe in the books for me. I hope Sookie’s relatives isn’t playing her like a drum Niall included?

      • I think Warlow being a lie from the start is deliberate, which is why Sookie’s falling for his BS is so frustrating. The guy bit himself in the arm, pretended he had been attacked, and deliberately faked injury to meet her. Then he killed all her friends and threw her grandfather into an alternate dimension. He’s clearly intended to be someone not to be trusted, no matter how big his puppy dog eyes get. I can understand Sookie not knowing what he did to Niall and not thinking back to the self-biting, but I totally don’t get why she didn’t care he killed the fae club. Yeah, she had mixed feelings about faeries in general, but she treated them as friends, so how can she sleep with the guy who killed them all? Just skeevy to me. But I still think Warlow is meant to be bad news for real.

        • Yeah she held Eric to unrealistic high standards and he tried to meet every one of them. I’m hoping in episode 10 while she is supposedly examining a decision it makes her realize what she had all along before it’s too late and if it is Eric he gives her another chance but make her work for it. Maybe taking blood straight from Warlow will allow him to daywalk like Bill and Sookie has another choice and don’t have to settle.

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