Updated 6.10 description *spoilers*

HBO has released a press release that is slightly tweaked from the previous TV Guide information.   Below the Read More for those who stumble on my very spoilery page by accident.  Missed some spoiler information earlier? Check out my running cheat sheet page of spoilers for the entire season.


Episode #70: “Radioactive” (season finale)
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 18 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Other HBO playdates: Aug. 18 (11:00 p.m.), 19 (10:45 p.m.), 20 (midnight), 21 (10:00 p.m.) and 22 (midnight)
HBO2 playdates: Aug. 19 (9:00 p.m.), 23 (11:00 p.m.) and 25 (1:20 p.m., 8:00 p.m.)

Bill (Stephen Moyer) discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason (Ryan Kwanten) senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie (Anna Paquin) examines her future with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

Written by Kate Barnow; directed by Scott Winant.

So, if they don’t kill Bill (and I’m still crossing my fingers that somehow they will go there), is the price that he loses his special Lilith powers and becomes just plain ol’ Bill Compton again?  Sigh, if so.

I’m also wondering what there could be about Jason’s “vampire attraction” with Violet that makes it different from his interactions with Jessica. He had sexual dreams about both Jess and Warlow, so will there be some new aspect of vampire attraction revealed?

Finally, now Sookie is described as “examining” her future with Warlow rather than “considering” it.  Examining seems to imply some deeper attention being paid to the details of what a future with Warlow would be like. Is Sookie going to find something she doesn’t like in the proposal?


16 responses to “Updated 6.10 description *spoilers*

  1. Please, please let the idiot woman come to her senses for the man who actually loves her!

  2. I think so. Consider sounds like she’s daydreaming about it, but examine sounds like she is thinking more critically, which would be a nice change of pace.

  3. I think she finally realizes the truth about him and doesn’t want to be turned and he goes ape shit crazy and turns on her and forces herto be attemped turned then is interrupted by someone its either Eric or Bill….hope its Eric

    • Eric, I really like your theory. Ooooh, what if Sookie ends up turned anyway because Warlow almost drains her and Eric ends up turning her to save her? At least, I hope it would be Eric. Old Bill wouldn’t have dreamed of turning her, but it’s hard to say with new Bill. I don’t think he’d bother out of love for her, but he might if he thought she would be useful in some way.

      • I believe they are keeping Sookie and Eric apart for a reason and if the rumors are true and they do see each other in Episode 9 and 10, they will have the talk. I’m starting to believe the big death that would change the lives of Bon Temps will be the death of Warlow and the vampires being able to day walk.

    • I was just thinking about this more and I think it is definitely going to be something along the lines of vamp problem gets solved without any of Warlow’s blood except what Eric drank, Sookie decides she wants more time to think about being Warlow now that the crisis is over and he flips out completely. After all, he’s been waiting 6,000 years and he’s obviously not the most self-controlled vampire to start with…

  4. I agree they have to be keeping them apart for a reason because they never show any scenes with them and I am sure they have some at least in the finale…so I believe they will have that talk after he helps her with Warlow problem which I think he will …he will get his invitation back to her house….I feel like this will happen this time because they have been so secretive about showing scenes and Anna would say there is love between Eric and Sookie but wrong place and wrong time ..like small hints

    • Yup, they have been emphasizing repeatedly how there is love between then, wrong time wrong place as Anna said, and the writers are going out of their way to make Eric sympathetic even when he is being “bad.” I don’t think they would bother if they weren’t planning on putting Eric and Sookie back together at some point.

    • I’m also wondering if the reason they had Sookie rescind Eric’s invitation to her house is so amp up the tension when some other vamp is in there (either BIll or Warlow) and Eric can’t get in right away. Otherwise, it was an interesting gesture, but not meaningful except symbolically and I think the writers want to put things like that to actual use in the story.

      • Myvikingboyfriend dare I even think it but they might get back together in the finale because I get the feeling after Warlow is dead and after what I have seen tying her up and trying to turn her against her wants he is gonna die…I am more sure of it now Warlow will be gone…maybe she will finally admit to loving him

  5. As fans we’ve waited for 6 seasons I’m not expecting them (Eric and Sookie), to ride off in the sunset together and have their HEA. After Eric’s gesture to help her runaway and Sookie’s willingness to stake Bill for Eric it made no sense that she wouldn’t reach out to him for help that fact is making everything so angsty. We all expect Eric to save her but the writers have been known to go against the grain when it pertains to them and I’m pushing for it to happen but don’t want to be disappointed. Eric and his ladies are the reason why season 6 is a success. At least in the book CH gave us a semblance of a relationship before it came crashing down, True Blood has given us nothing of the sort for 6 seasons it’s been about Sookie and Bill and now in extension to Bill a sookie/😂Bill/😩warlow

    • I’m wary about expecting a traditional HEA from HBO on TB for Eric and Sookie, but I won’t give up hope until I see what happens. I would also respectfully disagree on the idea that they have given Sooric shippers “nothing” — while a lot of people didn’t like season 4, I thought it formed a real bond of love between Sookie and Eric, one that they will eventually come back to.

      I found it interesting that they did not have Sookie go to Eric while trying to decide what to do about Warlow and from a writing perspective, I think it only makes sense if they didn’t go there because it would be obvious that Eric would say “no way, we’ll solve it some other way.” But I think the writers need to establish the fact that Sookie is willing to be turned for her own reasons, whether they actually go there or not this season, so they can’t have Eric rescue her TOO fast. From my perspective, if she gets turned, she can stay with Eric forever, so she has to go some ways down a road that would allow that, which means Eric can’t come to her aid until she’s gotten that far, if that makes sense.

      • It makes complete sense, is it too immature to say that Warlow entered Bon Temps and Sookie’s life to let her know if ever turned she can have to best of both worlds?

        • I’ve been thinking that the whole “my parents tried to kill me” thing was mostly to get Sookie to accept that being a vampire might not be so bad. I don’t think she has ever seriously considered it before, but knowing her parents wanted to kill her rather than let her become one seems to have opened her eyes up to the possibilities.

          • I think it has but I think after finding stuff about Warlow she will probably change her mind and don’t want to be stuck with him more than just not wanting to be a vampire and then he will lose control which is not hard because he is unstable at best ….then when he takes her and is in the process of making her be his vampire bride then Eric will show up knowing he is forcing her into this …then it gets interesting

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