“Prayer” teaser video *spoilers*

And a version at 1/8 the normal speed so we can get a good, long look at scenes.  Spoilery comments below the video box, so don’t scroll that far if you don’t want to know.

It looks to me as if Sookie and Warlow light-blast Bill right out of the fae realm.  In the final shot of Eric, I see a hint of light hair — is he with Pam or with Sookie?


13 responses to ““Prayer” teaser video *spoilers*

  1. Can anyone See who Warlow is dragging along? The promo flashed too fast.

  2. I saw that it was Sookie I wonder if the writers and producers allow her to be manipulated into a false sense of security or if Sookie will fight back? Bless Eric’s heart always 5 steps ahead of Bill. Jason’s pain and anguish let’s hope it’s violet meeting the true death

    • I wouldn’t count Violet out yet since the original casting said she’d be there for next season. I do wonder if Jason is going to shoot Sarah Newlin, though, and what is up with him screaming in pain at something while with Dr. Finn?

  3. aolani, Warlow is dragging Sookie behind him. You can see it pretty clearly in the slow version.

    • Myvikingboyfriend, I caught that. I guess Sookie is going to start seeing Warlow’s bad side? She got a glimpse last night when he fed from her wrist and didn’t offer to heal her. Bill thinking she gets turned is not a bad idea i was hoping she trusted Eric more than Bill, Niall is gone, Sam has a baby on the way, let’s hope Eric and Jason talk and someone saves her. If Warlow turns her she will be tied to him and by proxy his maker Bill. Sookie as a vampire/fairy hybrid Bill can get rid of Warlow and can use Sookie to day walk. I wonder if the day walking effects wear off Bill has been day walking a while? Hope a portion of the books come in and Eric steps in at the last minute and turns her to keep her safe from Warlow and Bill.

      • MyVikingboyfriend Warlow is crazy andit is gonna come out starting this episode and leading to the finale ….Sookie will probably have to use the ball of fairy light on him to kill hI’m in the finale. I see him and Billith fighting in the finale and Eric might be involved too

  4. I keep thinking that for all the “dark, dark, DARK” we were promised with Warlow, the only thing we’ve even seen is the fae massacre and Sookie seems to have chosen to overlook that and her parents’ murder, so it seems kind of lame. My friend who watches kept commenting that so far, Warlow doesn’t seem like much of a big bad — and he has a point. I’m still waiting for that other shoe to drop and I’m guessing it will not do so until Sookie has made some move towards bonding with him — only to find she has a good reason to change her mind. Hopefully Eric will step in and save her from her bargain with the devil.

    • I am hoping Eric comes to the rescue in the finale and saves her from Warlow …I just think she is going to kill him in the finale with that ball …just a feeling

      • I have that same feeling That Sookie is going to end Warlow in the season finale. I just wish the writes and producers would throw is a bone and let Eric and Sookie have their talk before she makes up her mind…..I know it will never happen and it would only happen in a prefect world,lol…..l

  5. Well looked at the True Blood season 6 6 weeks trailer on True Blood net.com and hope I saw things clearly and Eric saves Jason and Jason spills the beans to Eric about what is going on with Sookie. I don’t think Eric has lost his humanity I believe Eric will do what he has to in order to prevent anymore loss amongst the people he cares about. As for Bill and Bill Jr (Benlow). Sookie is seeing first hand how looks can be deceiving Eric was the only vampire that she knew that embraced his undead life and lived it to. The fullest. He will be there to help our fairy and then does what he does best leave and this time Sookie will come to her senses. I wonder who Andy is going to take a shot at, any thoughts?

    • I just get a feeling Eric and Sookie will be interacting with each other in the finale. ..its overdue I probably wrong based on the writers history but I think there is a reason we haven’t seen any Eric and Sookie scenes in any promo….they are hiding them for some reason?

      • There were rumors going around on Tumblr a week or two ago of Eric/Sookie interactions in 9 and 10. After last night, I’ve been a little nervous about what they could be, especially if she is pissed off about Warlow, although to be fair, she was going to convince Warlow to share his blood with Bill anyhow, so how can she be too upset with Eric except for the way he did it? But hopefully some of that Sooric interaction will be good — I keep holding onto the idea that they reminded the audience how much he loved her very intentionally at the beginning of the season, so there has to be some reason for them to have underscored that.

        • He loves her no matter what….he would come to try to save her from Warlow and your right I am nervous about thinking anything good sooric wise because they never give it to us…but I just have a feeling that we haven’t seen any interaction between them on purpose and something great might finally happen ….but then I have to tamper it down cause these writers track record is bad

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