6.8 “Dead Meat” thoughts *spoilers*

Episode description for 6.8 “Dead Meat,” previously known as “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Sookie (Anna Paquin) faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) and Bill (Stephen Moyer). Over in vamp camp, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets to know Violet (Karolina Wydra), while Sarah (Anna Camp) goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Sam (Sam Trammell).

Written by Robin Veith; directed by Michael Lehmann.

My thoughts are below the Read More in case you haven’t seen the episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled!

What I loved

  • Eric, Eric, Eric! From the opening scene where he confronts Bill with the line “My sister’s blood is still warm on my chest and you want me to go fight your holy war?” to the end where he has come up with his own plan to deal with Vamp Vamp, our Viking was amazing.  My favorite part? He glamoured Holly’s boys instead of killing them and he just drank enough of Adilynn’s blood to get into the “cemefaery” (as it is referred to in the Inside the Episode.)  Do I care that he nearly drank Warlow to death? Um. No. No, I do not.  It had to be done and I think we’re going to wish he finished the job at some point.
  • How much did I love Arlene this episode?  If Lafayette can forgive her for what she said last episode, so can I, and I loved how they reconnected over his cooking for her.  She was also amazing while dealing with the Bellefleur family at the funeral home.  “The only reason [Terry] joined the army was because his hoity toity family wouldn’t pay for his college…The Terry Bellefleur you are burying tomorrow isn’t the Terry Bellefleur I know. Y’all are burying a lie!” You tell ’em, Arlene! Have your husband’s funeral exactly the way you want to, including Rev. Daniels “from the black church” and turning down that god-awful blood money.  (Not that I think the insurance company will pay out on such a suspicious death, anyhow, mind you.)
  • Steve Newlin.  OMG, did we need some humor in this episode, and Steven Newlin provided it, from his attempts to hit on James to his  painfully slow jog on the vampire hamster wheel.  I felt for him when he cried in the white room, too, because he seems so, so lost.  Poor, poor Steve.  And how much do I love James for being decent enough to tell Steve not to drink the blood?
  • As if the plate throwing and “you’re dead to me, Sookie Stackhouse” of a couple of weeks ago was not enough, we had the pleasure of Bill telling Sookie he doesn’t have a problem with Warlow making her his “faery vampire bride.”  (You have to know that Eric will not be so tolerant of that idea, no matter what the cost to his race!) Do I dare hope that that relationship is finally, truly over?
  • The scene where Sam cleans out Terry’s cubby was just wrenching. So many nice little reminders of who Terry was, right down to the plastic armadillo.  Beautiful and very human.
  • Sarah killing Ms. Suzuki (aka that “spokesbitch”)was classic True Blood. As they said in the Inside the Episode, it was “Terrifying, hilarious, equally sick.” Sarah finally killed Suzuki with a high heel, but not before getting kicked in her invisible Texas-sized balls more than once, which was dark and funny all at once.  “Thank you, Jesus!” I’d raise a TruBlood to Ms. Suzuki, too, for being a kick ass character, charging into Vamp Camp to protect her product.  Too bad Sarah in her white suit had the advantage of knowing the turf they were fighting on while Suzuki went into Vamp Camp blindly.
  • I appreciatedSookie remembering her terrifying experience of Warlow in her bathroom and finally realizing Niall is gone.  It’s about time that we had some reminder that there is more to Benlow than Ben. Obviously, Sookie is opting to focus on the Ben side, and my guess is that she is not going to see the Warlow side really come out until she’ s metaphorically made her bed with some form of commitment to him.
  • Loved Pam trying to talk to Violet “level 1 to level 1” on behalf of the girls, and Violet’s comment that “All 1’s are not created equal.”  I had actually wondered about that because if you take any four vamps randomly and rank them, you are bound to have some 1s that should really be 2s or maybe even 3s.

Things I had mixed feelings about:

  •  Sookie explained to her parents’ graves about why she’d rather become a vampire than lie beside them for eternity was brilliant.  “Fuck you, mom and dad.  I’ll be damned if I am going to spend eternity lying by your fucking sides.” I’m excited by the idea of Sookie being turned into a vamp,but the one thing that turns me off about this is the obvious conclusion that she will then be Warlow’s faepire bride after all.  Just, yuck! No! Please!
  • Sookie in the black dress.  She is clearly dressed for her “wedding” to Warlow as much as for the funeral, and all I can think is that the girl in the white dress that Eric loved seems to be gone at the moment. 😦

  • Sookie’s line, “Destiny’s too much of a bitch to keep fighting.” Great line, but I don’t want to think of Warlow as her destiny.
  • In a lot of ways, I loved Violet’s speech on being a Medieval Catholic vampire who believes in the sanctity of her union with Jason — if she says Jason is hers, he is her forever.  Very interesting idea, but I think that Warlow, being older, may have even more conservative ideas about ownership in relationships and that makes me nervous about what is to come with the bonding.
  • I’m glad Alcide gave up being a total douchebag and made up with Sam.  I was really starting to look forward to Alcide being ripped apart by the pack, but I guess having him cut them loose is acceptable since his dickheadness was for a limited time.   I also enjoyed Alcide and Sam’s talk in Merlotte about how everyone knows death is coming but never knows when.  Slightly boring, though.
  • Warlow’s stalkerish rant about loving Sookie for 6,000 years and not being able to tolerate being so near without making her his for eternity is just so creepy to me.  He’s so clearly in love with the idea of her, not the real her. Sookie, girl, why are you listening to that crazy talk? At least Eric knew you before he fell in love with you!
  • Pregnant Nicole.  I don’t mind her being pregnant, because I think that is an interesting development, but Sam loves her? After a week? With Luna barely dead? Fuck. That. Shit.  Does this mean she is going to be around all next season, too? And bearing a little shifter? Only other redeemable point: Nicole’s mom calling Sam “Silver Fox”!
  • The scene where Sookie goes to Sam and more or says she always thought they would end up together only to have him reject her because she has the worst timing in the world was interesting. (“Put your ball away!” — ha!)   I think it did serve as a shout out to the books  — but at the same time, makes that particular romantic ending even less likely, IMO.  It was almost — dare I say it — parodying the Sam/Sookie ending of the books.
  • I always enjoyed Jason and Jessica together, but I am liking their new pairings.  I can see some interesting potential for both James/Jess and Violet/Jason.  However, I didn’t like Jess starting off with James by not being honest about who Jason was to her.  Bad way to start with Mr. Honesty, Jess.

Things I hated:

  • Okay, I can understand that they probably couldn’t get Katherine Helmond to play Grandma Caroline Bellefleur again, but dude, how can they just bring in some totally different older lady to play her and think we wouldn’t notice? Better to say Grandma Caroline wasn’t well enough to attend or something!  Just so, sooooooo wrong!
  • Sookie sticking her wrist in Warlow’s mouth every time she gets a chance was gross to me.  I know it is meant to show her compassion, but, ick.  At least she hasn’t had any more of his again — yet.  I know that if he becomes her faerie vampire maker, that will be even more intimate, but I’m still squicked by her intimacy with him.

Final thoughts:

  • I think they are really going to turn Sookie and I love it! That is the one thing I can think of that would “change the tone of the show” as promised and I’m excited to see it, since it would also make her able to be with one of the vamps (preferably Eric) at the end of the series.
  • Does Sookie have to be turned by Warlow to keep her light tolerance or would she have it as a part fae of her own accord?  If Eric turned her, would she be a regular vamp?
  • What do you think Eric’s plan is? I think he’s just going to get in, kills as many humans as he can and prevent them from opening the roof.  And, again, I love that although he bit Warlow and that is going to piss off Sookie, he’s gone out of his way not to kill anyone who didn’t deserve it.  The writers still want us to feel sympathy for him and that bodes well for my ship.
  • They spent a lot of time showing Sookie putting that old-fashioned hairpin into her hair.  Was that a shout out to Grandma Adele or will it have some other meaning in the future? It wasn’t wooden, so does anyone else have another interpretation?
  • While Bill’s offer to keep Warlow alive seems more compassionate than Eric’s taking a bite out of him, Bill still clearly wants to synthesize Warlow’s blood.  That seems worse to me; at least Eric only wanted it for a one-time use. You’ll notice he didn’t take Warlow with him to Vamp Camp.







One response to “6.8 “Dead Meat” thoughts *spoilers*

  1. Yeah but Bill not caring if Warlow changed Sookie only shows me that he will have to fairy vampires on tap. I don’t think Sookie gave any thought about Eric because he kept his promise and stayed away before I gave it consideration I was butt hurt she didn’t try to seek him out to ask about the other vampires since Bill gave her the impression that Eric escaped. Sookie knows her brother went to save Jessica and now she knows that Eric drank from Warlow for the same intention. I’m truly excited to see how this is going to play out and if Sookie gets turned she has one fight left in her and asks Eric to do it and he does. As for the Warlow drama I should have known better than to think Sookie was falling for his crap. I do think Sookie is learning to embrace her powers and she isn’t ready to just be a mere human if she was she would have nuked him while he was tied up. Watching Sookie weigh her options was good hearing her ready to accept destiny wasn’t. Let’s hope Sookie doesn’t proposition Alcide and Eric heard her little rant about wanted to be asked out for a date.

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