Revisiting the Stake Lists

Because my friend eys1214 asked, here they are: all the stake lists I could find from HBO’s promotional push last May.  Spoilery discussion below the gallery, so don’t read below unless you want to know more!

Nora may be gone but we can say for certain that Jessica will make it, since James is supposed to be around for a love triangle with Jessica in season 7.   As for Pam, Eric and Tara? The only one I am truly concerned about is Tara because I think Rutina Wesley is pregnant. Maybe the show will get another late start on production again to accommodate her, or maybe she is planning on leaving the show to be home with the baby for a while.  On the other hand, just like ASkars, I assume she also signed a 7-year contract, so it might not be that easy to leave.

What I am expecting is that they may turn Sookie, though.  With all the talk about how some death is going to change the tone of the show, that makes the most sense.


3 responses to “Revisiting the Stake Lists

  1. Why did our favorite Viking make the list and not Bill?

    • Remember they made & released the lists a couple of weeks before the new season started. As far as we were supposed to know Bill was a crazed bloody creature at that time…

  2. Aolani, MistressCinder is probably right, but I like to think it was because no one cared if BIllith lived or died. J/k. Sort of. ;-P

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