Inside the Episode 6.8, In the Evening

The Inside the Episode for 6.8, In the Evening, is foreboding for our Eric.




5 responses to “Inside the Episode 6.8, In the Evening

  1. Well I can truly say Eric has been put through the spin cycle of a wash a couple of times. I feel we need to see him this way because someone has to be reckless enough to defeat Benlow. I can vouch for many viewers Eric has saved this season of True Blood. Willa was everything that Sookie was minus the always playing the victim, crying, and tantrums like a child when things didn’t go according to plan and I hope that Willa is here to stay because Eric is going to need her in any capacity to get through his darkest hour. I’m truly hoping that Sookie pulls her head out of her butt and finally realize where she belongs. I also hope that CH doesn’t have the last laugh where this couple is concerned.

  2. I wonder if Eric’s going to be so enraged as to go on a rampage against those behind Nora’s death and Sarah Newlin and perhaps Jason get caught in that crossfire… Obviously Eric killing Sookie’s brother would be the end of E & S and this would play into Bill & Benlow’s agendas… I do not see happy times ahead for the E & S shippers but maybe I am just too pessimistic?

    • You’re right in thinking that Eric killing Jason would be a deal breaker, but that’s why I think that won’t happen. I do think Eric may kill (or at least severely drain) Andy’s last daughter in his pursuit to get vengeance on the people at the Vamp Camp, but I don’t expect him to kill anyone else who won’t deserve it.

      As an E&S shipper, I expect us to be put through the wringer right up until the last season if they are end game. (And I’m still hoping they are.) If they were too happy too soon, then we would have to worry about them being pulled apart again, if that makes sense.

  3. did scott say with nora’s death, eric has no more compassion for human or vampire? and it’s significant in how the season plays out in episodes 8,9,10? this scares the sh*t out of me.

    remember the promo that TB sent out before the season started? the one with the bucket (stake) list? who else had the stake list teaser aside from nora and eric? please tell me you know someone else with the stake list. because nora’s gone and… sh*t.

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