6.7 “In the Evening” thoughts

Episode 6.7, In the Evening

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) makes a last-ditch effort to save an ailing Nora (Lucy Griffiths). A tragedy close to home forces Sam (Sam Trammell) to ignore Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) warning and return to Bon Temps. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) shows her gratitude to James (Luke Grimes), a fellow incarcerated vamp, while an emboldened Sarah (Anna Camp) exacts a measure of revenge on Jason (Ryan Kwanten).

Written by Kate Barrow; directed by Scott Winant.

My thoughts are below the Read More only because I do talk about FUTURE spoilers!

Another action-packed episode with some high points — and some low — but over all, compelling.  And we didn’t even get to the much-vaunted funeral yet.

What I loved:

  • I’m really loving Willa now.  She’s smart and brave, and willing to stay in danger herself in order to help everyone get out of Vamp Camp.  She’s obviously compassionate — and given what the director said in the Inside the Episode about Eric losing his compassion (see below), maybe she will play a role in bringing Eric back to a better frame of mind.  And I thought I even saw a flicker of respect from Pam. Willa is turning out to be well worthy of being of Eric’s blood line.  If I weren’t a dedicated Eric and Sookie shipper, I could almost start to ship her with Eric. She is the Girl in the White Dress at the moment, while Sookie is the Girl in Black.
  • Eric’s plan to escape from Vamp Camp using the Tru Blood delivery truck was clever. And how hot is it that Eric could hold up both himself and Nora under that truck bed? Not a Nora fan, but he was so tender as he held her during their entire journey.
  • Sarah Newlin may be a bitch, but she was amazingly brave when stumbling on the incredible carnage of what Billith left of the Governor and his staff.  She was just soooooo Lady MacBeth, especially in pulling Sen. Finch in to help cover up Burrell’s death so coolly!   I suspect that while people were assuming the Governor was The Tyrant, but I think Sarah is going to outdo him in that title. The kiss of the Governor’s cold, dead lips was gross, though.
  • I have always liked Jessica with Jason, but I just love James and I can totally get into shipping him with Jess. She needs someone who has a strong moral center like James, who understands what she deals with as a vampire and yet knows how he wants to behave. Compare this to Jason, who keeps getting into this hateful, destructive frame of mind off and on.  Yeah, Jason eventually pulls his head out of his ass, but in the meanwhile, how much destruction is caused by his waffling?  Jess needs someone more mature.
  • And love that James has a theory that all vampire choose whether or not to “forfeit their souls.” It makes the most sense of what we have seen so far; and what does that say about Warlow, who keeps claiming his soul is stolen from him by the dark, without taking any responsibility himself?
  • Jason asking Jessica is she is suffering from “Stockholder’s Syndrome.”  Ha!
  • The scene where Bill calls on the Bellefleurs was tense and terrifying underneath all the carefully polite words.  Excellent writing on Kate Barrow’s part and amazing performances, especially from Carrie Preston as Arlene. I kept waiting for someone to say the wrong thing and someone to die for it!
  • I hate to say it, but when Bill told Sookie that her friends will die if she doesn’t help, he had a point.  And at least it shook her up to hear the words “death camp.”
  • I totally expected Pam to kill her psychiatrist, but I loved that she twisted that expectation and instead seduced him into letting her go into the Gen Pop room, which will (hopefully) allow her to escape.
  • Poor Jason, being tossed into the hungry Gen Pop room like a juicy steak!  Fortunately, Violet is going to keep him for herself — but that makes me worried for her, since I am still wondering what exactly he got injected with last week.  I know Violet is supposed to survive into season 7, so she has to come out of it okay even if he has been exposed to Hep V, but I’m worried for her. We don’t know her yet, but if she is in a love triangle with Jason and another vamp, then she can’t be too bad, can she? And she did help out Tara and Jessica.
  • The good things about that kind of  tawful flashback: Eric has ‘the look of destiny about him.’ Why, yes he does.  And much as I’m not a Nora fan, I like that Eric identified her courage and thought to take her to Godric.  And are we supposed to assume that King Charles was a vampire himself or just know about them?  In the comics, Blood Mary Stuart was a the vampire Queen of England, so it does make sense if he was also vampire.

Things I had mixed feelings about:

  • The Sam and Nicole goodbye sex was hot, but dude, Luna is not even cold in her grave yet.  I know there are probably all kinds of rationalizations (just like Sookie’s sex with Warlow) but I find it off-putting.  Is it supposed to make us care more about what happens to Nicole and her mother because she had sex with Sam?
  • Alcide finally does the right thing by lying that Sam and Nicole are dead, but by now, Rikki is essentially acting like the real packmaster and he has totally lost all control of his pack.  WTF, Alcide? Do you have no control over your wolves? It does make me wonder if Alcide could be one of the promised big deaths of the season. Is he going to end up eaten like all the packmasters before him?  Maybe they’ve made him such a prick this season in order to make it easier for the audience to let him go if the wolf pack culls him. Then JM can go off and do Magic Mike 2 and anything else his admittedly hot body desires without our having to have more were storylines.
  • Eric’s pain over Nora was hard to watch.  He’s so clearly desperate to save her and crushed when he fails to do so.  He was as emotionally wrung out for her as he was for Godric in season 2, and while part of me is touched, that also makes me concerned for him. In the Inside the Episode, the director says that Nora’s death is going to strip Eric of his compassion for both humans and vampires and that will be a major influence on the last three episodes.  That scares me for Eric’s sake because I do not want him to “forfeit his soul” as James would say, especially since he seemed to have been getting it back while he was with Sookie.
  • Sookie meeting Adilynn freaks me out a little because it served as a reminder that fae can get pregnant and bear babies really quickly.  I’m kind of horrified by the idea of a pregnant-by-Warlow Sookie even as a possibility. Please, no! Not unless they’re going to kill him and let her raise her faepire baby with Eric, — no, wait, that is still too Twilight for me.

Things I hated:

  • Sookie and Warlow cuddling.  I was really hoping the nihilistic sex was just a dream, but it seemed real enough. And she ended up untying him?  Sookie, you said you may be a whore but you’re not stupid. I kind of disagree at this point; you seem kind of stupid to me because you are obviously thinking with your faerie ‘super snatch’ and not your brains.  On the other hand, I think she is going to end up paying for that lack of judgment.
  • The incredibly long and boring conversation between Jackson and Alcide as they part ways was excruciating.  It will, however, be slightly redeemed if they do end up killing Alcide and it was meant to be a final goodbye between father and son.
  • Okay, I hated this almost as much as the Wookie sex, which is saying something: They totally changed Nora’s backstory dates!  WTF?? Last season, the blu-rays said Nora was changed in the 1400s in England.  Now it is 1655 and she was dying of the plague when Eric found her?  I am not pleased, not pleased at all.
  • And I love Alexander Skarsgard, but his historical accent was all over the place, which was super distracting.


  • Anyone else think that the insurance might not pay out?
  • True Blood likes to have characters have conversations that parallel other characters’ issues.  First we had Arlene talking with Sookie, telling her that she had a glimpse of what it might have been like to be truly happy with Terry, only to have it all go to hell.  I think that was meant to parallel Sookie’s tryst with Warlow — it was a glimpse of what could be, but it will still all go to hell soon.  (Or so I hope, because I still don’t trust his ‘dark side.’) Then we had the conversation between Sookie and Lafayette where they wonder whether it can ever be good to leave your family the way Terry did.  Sookie looked doubtful, which made me think that she is already thinking about how, if she takes Warlow up on his marriage offer, she will be away from everyone she knows.
  • Will Sookie end up pregnant from that faepire sex? Because from a story point of view, I’m not sure else why they would have her ‘bond’ with Warlow in a sexual way unless there was something more to be gained by it.
  • What do you think Eric is going to do that shows lack of compassion for both humans and vampires?
  • It looks as if Sookie might promise to marry Warlow in order to save her friends — and I assume, only then realize that Ben may not be too bad, but she is still marrying a monster.  Could that be the plotline of season 7? Sookie either pregnant by Warlow or married to him and needing to escape the situation?
  • True Blood has always been a soap opera, but is this getting a bit too soapy?


7 responses to “6.7 “In the Evening” thoughts

  1. I didn’t like the bird costume in the back ground at the plague house. The last time that prophylaxis was uses was around 1350. It also looked as though the costume dept got caught short and hauled out some Civil war dresses.
    The sort of thing that drives me nuts.
    I’m with you on the accents. Ick

  2. I don’t see her choosing Benlow over her life in Bon Temps. I think she is going to make the deal with Bill setting Benlow off. Eric losing his compassion for vampire and humans, Eric is in survivor mode right now and until the threat is gone he is going to stay that way. Willa is going to be his light at the end of the tunnel and Sookie is going to sit on the side line regretting her decision for choosing Benlow.

    • Poor Eric. He is just falling apart and while Nora was trying to tell him to look to Pam and Willa for comfort, I think it is going to be a while before he hears it. I agree with you, Willa will be the light at the end of his tunnel, at least to start with, and I think Sookie IS going to have regrets about her decisions with Benlow.

  3. I’m 100% an Eric/Sookie shipper, but I’m also one of the small minority who actually liked Nora. I never felt like Eric was IN LOVE with her, and I didn’t even mind them screwing since they obviously had a history and Sookie dumped him so callously. It was hard watching her death scene last night and I wanted to cry for Eric’s loss. (I guess when Alex mentioned having a difficult/moving scene with a “blood bag” this season, he meant it quite literally…lol!) I’m worried what this loss will do to Eric, but I’m guessing it will make him quite the badass when it comes to storming the vamp camp to rescue his women.

    Sookie and Warlow I just can’t get onboard with in any shape or form. Not that Rob Kasinski isn’t cute (especially in those pics last week from Comicon), but there is absolutely NO discernible onscreen chemistry between the two of them. I’ve seen more chemistry between Sookie and Pam than Sookie and Warlow. And when is someone going to notice that Niall’s gone missing? I mean, he’s just Sookie’s great grandfather!

    Drunk Arlene was phenomenal…seriously one of the highlights of last night’s episode!

  4. I can’t blame Eric for sleeping with Nora (although it was hard for me to watch) and Nora wouldn’t have any reason not to sleep with him given their history, but what irritated me about her was her period of disloyalty to Godric. I know she came around later, but it left a bad taste in my mouth towards her that I never fully got over. I feel for Eric, though; he clearly loved her deeply.

    Have you seen the meme going around Facebook and Tumblr that has Eric saying, “Oh, so you’re #TeamBenlow now? Um…fuck you!” I seriously don’t get how people are so pro-Benlow, given what we’ve seen on screen. Maybe if he hadn’t killed the entire fae club or gotten rid of Niall, I could understand giving him a chance, but not based on what we know. I think Sookie is being foolish to give him that chance, but she doesn’t even know about Niall; audience members DO, so I don’t understand how they can be so pro-Benlow. RK can be cute (especially when he lets his British accent out to play) but there is still just so much wrong with the character that I can’t help but feel Sookie is asking for whatever bad he brings on her.

  5. All the people that are Warlow fans will be disappointed and feel stupid when he starts going off the deep end…he is unhinged at best and I don’t understand Sookie what are you doing? I know you are curious about Warlow and sex but he did kill your parents, fairy friends at the club and threw your great grandfather in another dimension…..stupid and she will regret it ….Poor Eric will be lost and in attack mode ….I feel like Sookie can reached him because under all the hurt there is real love there still but I don’t know if we are going to see that happen…..I hope Warlow is killed in the finale…He and Sookie have no chemistry at all and I don’t care much for their interaction….

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