Wetpaint interview with Rob K *spoilers*

Wetpaint talked with Rob Kazinsky at SDCC and got some more hints from him.  Story with video link here and excerpts below the Read More!

“Towards the end of the season, everything is going to be tied up in the most explosive way,” Rob explained. “We’re going to be left with a very shell-shocked and broken original grouping of characters to go into Season 7 with … We’re going to lose so many people.”

“I can’t tell you that!” Rob joked when we asked where this focus on the “core” cast leaves him. “Everybody’s in mortal peril,” he added. “Including myself.”

RK also says that Warlow isn’t going to be able to hold back his vampire side much longer and implies that it is going to get very ugly when Warlow comes out to play.  I am hopeful with that because it means Warlow cannot be Sookie’s long-term partner, despite the seeds of doubt they’ve been trying to cast that perhaps Warlow is just misunderstood. Except for that whole eating the entire fae club thing, of course.



One response to “Wetpaint interview with Rob K *spoilers*

  1. As long as it isn’t Eric, Pam, Tara, and Willa I will be okay. Hopefully, the Northman clan can get a spinoff series.

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