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Wetpaint interview with Rob K *spoilers*

Wetpaint talked with Rob Kazinsky at SDCC and got some more hints from him.  Story with video link here and excerpts below the Read More!

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Anna Paquin talks to Access Hollywood *spoilers*

Anna Paquin talked to Access Hollywood while at Comic Con San Diego and she says that there is love between Eric and Sookie, but it’s not working “right now” because it is the “wrong place and wrong time.” Sounds like she is leaving the door open on that relationship, though.


There is also the video conversation with Rob Kazinsky that was quoted in other articles earlier this week. Note that he ALSO says that there will be more than one death and that it will “greatly change the tone of the show.”  Can you say Sookie gets turned? I’m thinking that is going to be the major season ender, with Warlow turning Sookie — maybe against her will?