More than one major death this season? *spoilers*

Rob Kazinsky chatted with Access Hollywood while at Comic Con over the weekend and he said that last night’s two major deaths may only be the beginning. Excerpts below the Read More.

Season 6 newbie, Rob Kazinsky, who plays Warlow, told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con over the weekend that more bloodshed is on the way.

“Here’s the deal — it might be more than one death this season,” he said on Saturday, ahead of Sunday’s episode where Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) passed away. “Whatever it is, it’s going to greatly change the tone of the show.”

“I’ll let you in on a secret: There are multiple deaths this season,” he added. “Each is more shocking than the next and just when you think somebody just couldn’t bite the bullet, there they go.”

Kazinsky also talked a bit more about Warlow’s character:

“Ben/Warlow is an incredibly earnest character,” Rob said of the Bon Temps newcomer. “He’s a very real deal. Everything he said to her when he was Ben was the absolute truth. He does mean well. But the problem is, you’re dealing with a 6,000 year old vampire/fairy who, you know, there’s never been anything more powerful than him on the show and telling a baby, ‘No!’ they throw tantrums and essentially, he’s a big baby.”

Access Hollywood also says:

Warlow and Sookie appeared to have a very intimate moment (finally) on the most recent “True Blood,” after the Bon Temps belle realized that she has a penchant for bad boys.

Um. “Appeared”?  Do they suspect that the last scene may not have been all it seemed to be on the surface?  Whether it was real sex or not, it seems as if Sookie still intends to say “no” to Warlow, since we have yet to see this temper tantrum side come out.

The more people talk about unexpected deaths, the more I am also beginning to wonder: are they actually going to have Warlow turn Sookie into a vamp-faerie hybrid?  I would actually be okay with that since it would then take care of the inequity of life limits between her and Eric without her having to give up the sun.

3 responses to “More than one major death this season? *spoilers*

  1. Agree! I don’t think she is going to become Warlow’s bride. I do like the idea of her becoming a faepire though. : )

  2. A person can only cry wolf so many times look at what happened to Peter? Sookie claims she wants a normal life and accepts Warlow who is centuries older than Eric and still can’t control his hunger. What is she going to do, work a couple of hours during the day and go to fairy at night to stay safe? Eric has done a lot of bad things to and she couldn’t accept him for who and what he was. I hope Warlow makes her happy because no matter where they go he won’t be able to escape the makers call. He’s proven that twice. The Northman’s stole the show and Eric’s new baby vampire won me over with her daddy and rescue scene. Willa is a breath of fresh air.

  3. If the Wookie sex scene was real (and I’m still really hoping that it was Warlow’s fantasy rather than a real event), then yeah, gotta agree, Sookie is asking for whatever happens. They keep saying how smart Sookie is this year in interviews , but I don’t think having sex with someone who killed all your fae friends and may have done something to your faerie grandfather is smart, even if he DID claim to save your life twice.

    And loving Eric’s new baby girl! I’m trying to decide what her character’s purpose is in the broader scheme of things, though. In the short term, yeah it pissed off the governor, but I’m wondering what future plans they have for Willa. She’s supposed to be just a few years younger than Sookie if she is 22 or 23, so close enough in age to make her someone Sookie could become jealous of. (Not that I want Willa and Eric to sleep together because I like their father/daughter vibe. but I don’t mind Sookie wondering about their relationship.)

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