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Hollywood Reporter Q&A with Todd Lowe

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Todd Lowe about what happened to his character — before the show aired, so they had to know something! Full article here, excerpts below the Read More.

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More than one major death this season? *spoilers*

Rob Kazinsky chatted with Access Hollywood while at Comic Con over the weekend and he said that last night’s two major deaths may only be the beginning. Excerpts below the Read More.

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Second thoughts on 6.6, “Don’t You Feel Me”

Rewatched the episode to see what I missed in such a jam-packed episode and have a couple of additional thoughts that I missed last night:

  • Bill is more concerned he might have killed Warlow than where he went and I think that is why he wanted Warlow to save Sookie — she’s another fae blood source, potentially.  I don’t think this is “Bill saving Sookie” in the traditional sense at all.
  • Warlow describes Sookie as ‘special’ — special enough to wait for her for nearly 5,000 years!  Why is that? What is it about Niall’s blood line that could be THAT unique?
  • While Jason is telling the story of invading the Authority, the doctor injects him with something.  Is it Hep V?  Does this mean that vamps  — including Jessica — can never feed on Jason again?
  • I rewatched the last scene with Warlow and Sookie following speculation on other sites that it was a dream, and I hate to say it, but if it is meant to be Warlow’s dream – and I love the idea that it is, rather than reality — it is not obvious to me from the screen filters they are using.  The edges look blurry/dreamy in all the fae realm scenes and I can’t make a distinction between the fae realm dreaminess and a fantasy dreaminess.  That said, I can’t rule out that it might be just Warlow’s fantasy since some of the details seems curiously male-centric:  Sookie calls herself a whore, she leaves her boots on when she strips, she just mounts him and gets down to business, etc.  The fact that the scene happened at the end of the episode leaves it open for it to be a dream sequence as well, so I’m going to hope that is the case until I learn otherwise.
  • Whether it is a dream or not, I am curious about the blood exchange.  If it is a dream, then the blood exchange is meaningful to Warlow, a part of his fantasy, and I think it will turn out to be a sort of “vampire wedding ritual.”  Of course, Sookie has already exchanged blood in this way with Eric in season 4, which, IMO, means that Eric has “stolen” Warlow’s promised bride already! I don’t think Warlow is going to be every happy about that and I expect him to put a target on Eric as a result.
  • Bill assumes that Governor Burrell is “the Tyrant.”  But what if it is really Sarah, who is clearly poised to step right into Burrell’s place, and who seems to be even harder edged than he was?

Despite the ick factor of the Wookie sex, still a pretty good episode — and I’m also bummed that we only have four more! Noooooo!!!!!