6.6 “Don’t You Feel Me” thoughts

Another mixed episode for me since I’m a Sooric shipper, although there were some fabulous scenes.  Details below the Read More for those who don’t want to be spoiled.

What I loved:

  • Eric and Pam’s “fight”, in which without even speaking, they both go for the hidey holes of the armed guards and pull them out.  The old tag team still works!  Love that Eric saw Steve Newlin through the stake hole in the glass and I think Steve is going to be very sorry he participated in this. Eric has a long, long memory.
  • Willa proves that Eric made a great choice in her! Not only did she finally stand up to her father and insist on being put in the general population room, but love how the whole “escape” worked once Tara explained that what Willa was feeling was Eric’s summoning of her.  Loved the way Baby Vamp Willa got to her maker and rescued not only him, but Nora as well. And love that Eric asks the governor if he’s mad that he took the Governor’s daughter and made her his.  I liked Willa before but right now, I’m loving her.  She is totally meant to be House Northman.  Loving the burgeoning friendship between Willa and Tara,too.
  • Eric in riot gear.  Need I say more?
  • Jason talking his way into the LAVTF and getting fast-tracked was amazingly clever, especially for him.  He had a lot of great lines in there — thanks, new writer guy whose name escapes me!
  • The scenes with Terry and Arlene were well-done, although I’m saddened by Terry’s kind of pointless death.  The idea of glamouring Terry’s PTSD out of him was actually a really smart idea (although how benign vampire Matt got to the Bellefleurs without getting arrested is a good question — unless he didn’t look very vamp-like) and I appreciated that he died happy.  But dude, is Bon Temps so small that no one even bothers to call 911 in a shooting emergency?  They just stand around and let someone die in the parking lot?  Really?
  • Loved the introduction of James. Not only was Sarah’s scheme to have Jason watch Jessica forced to have sex with James an evil one, but love that James resisted.  “I’m a vampire, not a rapist.”  I could at this point ship James with anyone, including Jess.  He’s a keeper!
  • The naming of Andy’s remaining daughter, formerly known as #4, was sweet and funny and touching.  Welcome to the family, Adeline Braelin Charline Danica Bellefleur.  (At least, I think those are the names I caught.)
  • The scene where Bill faced off with the governor was bad ass.  Billith is so much more entertaining than the old Bill, and the governor got exactly what he deserved.
  • The contamination of the Tru Blood supply with Hep V is kind of interesting and diabolical.

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • So, how did Sookie know how to get into this alternate fae realm?  Good for her that she was able to go there and willing to take Warlow with her to save him from Bill’s summoning, but when did she develop this ability?  And why the hell didn’t she use it to escape Corbett-in-Lafayette herself rather than be rescued by Warlow?
  • Sookie Stackhouse,  “danger whore,” indeed. Warlow  literally tells her he can’t be trusted and what does she do? Tie him up tighter, exchange blood with him and then fuck him with her faery light.  Part of me appreciates that she is a stronger, smarter Sookie, but I was still disappointed to see her have sex with him. I do, however, take two consolations for it.  First, in the Inside the Episode, the director says that while Sookie realizes her feelings for Warlow are a riptide and should probably be avoided but she does it anyhow, the implication is still that it will be a mistake in the long run.  I’m still suspicious about Warlow and his lack of self-control.  The other thing I thought of in watching this scene was that once again, we see Eric-like traits in Sookie.  Her sexual aggressiveness was more like Eric than like the old Sookie.
  • So, Bill can still feel Sookie’s danger and released Warlow to go rescue her, but Eric no longer senses it?  Or was he supposedly just too busy to react?  Dropped ball, new writer guy.
  • Sookie’s dad really did try to kill her?  I can understand his narrow-minded decision to do that, but I preferred HiddenEloise’s thought that he might have been trying to take her to a fae realm instead since killing his daughter was, you know, stupid.  But I guess Jason takes after his daddy.
  • Billith facing off with Lilith was mildly entertaining because his own arrogance is growing stronger, but it seems to me that Lilith is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Hated/didn’t care about:

  • Glad Sam finally got smart and gave Emma back to Grandma Martha, but other than that, I don’t care what the wolves are doing.  How is this going to fit into the other storylines as Bucky Buckner has promised? I just can’t see it.
  • Alcide has turned into an almost total dick and I just don’t understand why. I also don’t care about how his relationship with his father is going.
  • Billith’s idea to visit Lilith by nearly getting drained and then revived is just lame, even if it did work.  And again with the arrogance!

Unanswered questions:

  • So,what his going to happen when the sun goes down with Warlow? What did Sookie just screw?
  • She exchanged blood and had sex with him in such a way that makes me very nervous since it was similar to the blood exchange with Eric.  Is it meaningful in some way?
  • Did Eric notice Sookie was “gone” to a fae realm again?
  • Who will actually make it out of vamp camp? At least Eric and Nora, we know, but no one else just yet?
  • Anyone else starting to wonder if Sookie will end up turned by Warlow by the end of this season?

Now, I’m going to go erase the memory of Danger Whore Sookie having sex with Warlow by watching the end of a romantic K drama where that kind of stuff just doesn’t happen. Until next week, fellow Sooric lovers.




5 responses to “6.6 “Don’t You Feel Me” thoughts

  1. I think she is going to let Bill turn her this way she can have an excuse to be the way she is…..I think Bill is going to kill Warlow now that he and Sookie exchanged blood or was all this in Bill’s plan all along. We just see him show up and save Sookie. How did he know where to find her he never had her blood? I think when Sookie swore off the vampires Ericc closed his side of the bond thinking she was trying to live a normal life and have babies now look she is back in the clutches of Bill and his progeny. I lost all hope for Sooric in this episode. It’s like the writers are forcing Sookie and Bill on us, ewwwwww.

  2. Willa rose to the occasion she is going to do Eric proud.

  3. There is speculation on the Bookies Love True Blood page that the scene with Sookie and Warlow where they exchange blood and have sex might actually be Warlow’s dream/fantasy because the camera filters are different from the earlier fae realm scenes. I only watched the episode once so far,so I won’t get a chance to personally confirm that until after work tonight, but if it IS Warlow’s fantasy I’ll be happy, and not just because Sookie didn’t really have sex with Warlow. If Warlow is fantasizing about the mutual blood exchange, then i think that is a vampire wedding/bonding, and it would explain why Warlow and Sookie followed the same pattern Eric and Sookie did. Although how pissed is Warlow going to be to find some other vampire “married” his intended? He is going to be gunning for Eric if that’s what is really going on and HE could actually hurt our Viking.

  4. I agree with all of your likes, especially Eric in riot gear…in fact, the whole “escape” scene where Willa breaks Eric and Nora out was probably my absolute favorite of the episode. (I’ve now watched it 3 times…lol!)

    Although I’m sad to see Terry die — I love his character — is it weird to say that the whole thing felt rather anticlimactic? I don’t know…after all of the talk of who was probably going to die, I sort of half expected the writers to surprise us and they didn’t at all. And about the 9-1-1 thing, I’m assuming someone had already called, but in a small country town there aren’t ambulances waiting around every other corner — there might only be one for the whole town. I think it was obvious, at least to Lafayette and Arlene, that Terry wasn’t going to survive, and Lafayette wanted to give what little time was left to Arlene and Terry alone.

    I don’t have mixed feelings about the Sookie/Warlow fuck scene at all, though…I hated it! What kind of drugs is that woman on?! I could overlook the sex — he’s cute and she’s attracted to him, I get it — but WHY ON EARTH did she take his blood?! (He didn’t evern offer it…she just bit him like some sort of rabid dog!) In the scene where she took Eric’s blood after Antonia’s spell attack, he offered it to her with reverence and we were made to feel that it was something special, but here it just felt cheap and entirely too casual.

    I’m completely over all things Lillith — Why the hell would you trust some guy you’re holding prisoner to drain you within an inch of your undead life and then revive you? — but I did love Bill in the scene with the Governor. You go Badass Billy!

    Is anyone else already mourning the fact that this season only has 4 episodes left?

  5. I don’t know what’s real or not anymore. You see Sookie ready to give Warlow the business in one scene and the next scene act like she can’t live without him anymore. She leaves Eric high and dry for another man that has done far more worse. A lot of speculation is this is Warlow’s dream while he’s in down time and if this is true is a danger magnet really how he see’s her. I like Willa she is a better vampire than Tara and Pam, she is definitely a keeper. I love her scene with her daddy and I watched it again this morning. Sookie was acting like Eric when she started questioning Warlow that was fun and only a glimpse of the new Sookie. Eric chose Freyda in the books I guess CH won in the end. I just can’t get used to her giving Bill control over her life in some fashion because he controls Warlow and now have some form of control over Sookie. Do you honestly think that Bill is going to let Sookie go and Sookie is going to let Warlow kill Bill, me either. Eric you and your line rocks and I hope he isn’t the depressed vampire that contemplates suicide over the loss of Nora and Godric.

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