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6.6 “Don’t You Feel Me” thoughts

Another mixed episode for me since I’m a Sooric shipper, although there were some fabulous scenes.  Details below the Read More for those who don’t want to be spoiled.

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Thoughtful review of “F*ck the Pain Away”

I didn’t catch this last week, but HiddenEloise’s review of 6.5, “F*ck the Pain Away,” is not only thoughtful, but has some interesting speculation about what Pa Stackhouse may really have been doing to his baby girl that night on the bridge.  Thanks to sweetmg for the heads up! Check it out here. 

2013 Comic Con True Blood panel videos *spoilery*

Couldn’t go to San Diego Comic Con this year? Neither could I, but fortunately, some wonderful people who could have been happy to share their experience via video! Although I’m still missing Alexander Skarsgard, but I’m sure he’s have a great time in Iceland.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

True Blood Comic Con 2013 video at slow speed *spoilers*

Because some of the details fly by so fast, I thought it might be helpful to slow the video down to 1/8th the normal speed.