Comic Con promo *spoilers*!!!

What I’ve been waiting for all evening.  Screen caps to come shortly!



4 responses to “Comic Con promo *spoilers*!!!

  1. Wow……the more I hope for a Sookie and Eric reunion I get more Benlow and Billith I am not a happy camper. The good thing about this season there is action and the show is not just focused on Merlottes, Fangtasia, and everyone wanting Sookie for her telepathy. The downside is why is Sookie falling for everyone but Eric and why does she accept everyone at face value besides Eric, Arrrrggghhhhh. I guess they took something from the books through all their pain, strife, and grief they didn’t get their HEA. They didn’t even get a beginning.😩

    • At least the Ben/Sookie scenes seemed to be either dreams or set in some kind of alternate plane, not this one. What I’m wondering is who she is talking to when she says she would rather walk the earth as a corpse than think about that person the rest of her life. Talk about foreshadowing her being turned! Screen caps are uploading, but I got nearly 150 of them so it is taking a while.

  2. I think Warlow is going to continue to try to influence her to make her want to be with him. We all know how Sook feels about that. She wants to be in control of herself, her body & her own life.

  3. No matter where they go with Warlow this season, what I keep thinking is that Sookie does want to make her own choices and be in control of her own life like you said, MistressCinder, and Warlow may be trying to seduce her, but he has it in his mind that they are “destined” to be together. He is not going to want to take “no” for an answer. Compare that to Eric, who is clear that he still loves her but respects her enough to let her go at her request. And without any restrictions on what she should do with her life without him, unlike Bill, who always wanted her to be something she wasn’t — human. Since this is scripted and not real life, I think we’re supposed to notice that and continue cheering for Eric and Sookie to get back together. If season 7 is the last season as expected, I think we will see a Sooric reunion at that point. *Fingers crossed!*

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