Rolling Stone story on season 7 renewal *spoilers*

Rolling Stone’s story on the renewal of True Blood for season 7 had some interesting comments from Brian Buckner on the direction of the show in future.  Excerpts below the Read More.

This season has taken unexpected turns with the introduction of Warlow, the part-vampire, part-faerie who’s been in search of Sookie Stackhouse for hundreds of years. Anti-vampire legislation and experiments have kept Eric, Pam and Tara on the run while vampire Bill struggles with a newfound God complex.

“Everybody loves the show, but actors don’t want to play the same scenes anymore, and writers don’t want to write the same scenes anymore, and so [we’re] literally shifting things up,” Buckner, who produces the show, told Rolling Stone before the Season Six premiere last month.

“If we can shift the paradigm, and some of the relationships within the show, there are all these sort of new avenues to go down,” he continued.

HBO has not said which actors will be returning to reprise their roles on the hit show.

Hopefully the bolded quote means that the rupture between Sookie and Bill is a permanent one.  Sookie and Eric certainly does not seem to be over yet, or they wouldn’t have devoted so much screen time to reminding everyone that he loves her.


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