Questions, questions, questions *spoilery speculation*

Sunday’s episode left me with so many more questions that I wasn’t even able to process them the same night.

  • So, Sookie in her parents’ car when Warlow attacked, but in the station wagon’s rear space, not in the backseat where her bandaid was? I assume Claudine must have rescued Sookie before sending the car off the bridge into the water with the bodies.  Or did Warlow rescue her out of the vehicle before he got blasted?  Trying to snatch a 7-year-old is still a good reason to blast Warlow into another dimension, IMO.
  • Is Sookie thinking that Niall is with Jason?  When is she going to realize that Grandpa is MIA and wonder what happened to him? She told them to get lost for the night, not several days. I would think she would at least check in at some point, especially to tell them that Ben is Warlow after she confirmed it. WTH?
  • Who or what is Lilith’s god?  Is it going to turn out to be what humans call Satan? And how much do I hate writing that sentence because it would tarnish TB for me if that was the case?
  • What does royal blood have to do with all of this? Warlow describes himself as a faerie prince and is obsessed with Sookie’s blood line because it is the remainder of Warlow’s original tribe.  He’s going to make her a faerie princess.  (But isn’t she one already, according to Niall? )  And I find it interesting that Eric is also of royal human blood.  What are the writers trying to set up with all this talk of royalty, both human and fae?
  • In the next episode, Sookie is supposed to run to a place only accessible to faeries.  How does she know where this place is, since Niall is MIA and all the other fae are dead? And why can’t Warlow go there, since he clearly entered the club without any trouble?
  • Sookie is also described in 6.6 as “immune to Bill’s influence.” What does that mean, exactly? She no longer is subject to her former love for Bill? Has his blood fully left her body?
  • Why did Sarah seek out Jason after so long?  I wonder if she wants to get pregnant and pass off his baby as Governor Burrell’s?
  • What happens if you give someone with half fae blood (compared to Sookie’s much smaller portion) vampire blood?

12 responses to “Questions, questions, questions *spoilery speculation*

  1. Ow. You just made my head hurt.

    Great questions!

  2. I was wondering of Naill was Warlow’s son. You see Warlow/Ben with that pregnant woman before he’s turned. When he returns to the tribe just a few years later and I guess because he’s a young vamp and they all smell so good, he lays waste to the village, save for Naill –That child could have been his….

    • I have seen that interpretation from other people, too, but I think Niall’s mom was just a neighbor and that his question about when she was due was meant to be a friendly but casual one. (He did tell Niall when he confessed who he really was that he was turned just before Niall was born.) When Warlow comes back, the formerly pregnant woman is with another man just before she hurries to tell Niall to stay inside, too, and she doesn’t seem to greet him as the father of her child but just as a threat to her family.

  3. All those questions are a good because there was a lot I didn’t understand. This episode was like the writers didn’t research past episodes to help close the loop on some story lines. I have to watch Episode 4 and 5 again because I’m at a lost! The only thing clear in episode 5 was Benlow’s intention to turn Sookie into the thing he hates the most a vampire and his eternal companion. he didn’t once mention a normal life with a brood of Vampire/Fairy hybrids to continue the Fae line. i truly think he is trying to get rid of the Royal Fairy line. Can Bill make Benlow give him Sookie through the maker/child command? I thought when Benlow was talking to Niall before he threw him in another dimension he killed Niall’s tribe and spared Niall? he killed his parents because they didn’t have the heart to kill him but the flash back to his family’s demise his family didn’t know where he went or what he was? It wasn’t like he had to kill them because his life was on the line, but he had the obsession to do it beccause of the fairy blood. Benlow had a choice, he could have listened to his maker and never returned home or he could have walked away now he is acting like Bill placing blame. In Episode 1. Eric said he had money stashed he could help Sookie leave but Sookie said Billith would find her through the blood he forced her to drink. Billith felt Benlow’s pain and not Sookie’s and he couldn’t sense Jessica was in trouble through the maker/child bond so maybe that is how she finds out she is no longer under his influence? Why was Sarah able to univite Jessica from Jason’s house and I thought she threatened to take Jason to camp too? LaLa made the comment Sookie always see the good in people, did she ever see the good in Eric besides when he had amnesia, so it’s fair to assume she would only accept Eric on her terms and everyone else can be there true self? Sookie also confused me when she said she believed Benlow loved her? I thought Sookie didn’t want anymore to do with vampires hence leaving Eric alone. Is this her way of saying there is a new shiny toy in Bon Temps so i’m ready to play with it til it does something she doesn’t like? She Uninvited Eric after he gave her back her house but Bill and Benlow has free reign. I never heard her utter the words to rescinds anyone’s invite but Eric’s? The crackle of her light when she first met Ben when she touched his arm in episode 2, was that her light warning her? I wonder when Sookie and Eric shared blood in season 4, did she choose her mate the fairy way unbeknownst to her and Eric and if Benlow tries to turn her will she die because her soul belongs to Eric? When she was near death her body kept rejecting Billith’s blood until she was no longer in danger of being turned. Isn”t Hadley Older than Sookie and didn’t she have a child that has the Fae spark (Hunter)(telepathy)? Did Benlow kill the fairy’s in the meadow and if he can’t control himself around fairy’s what makes anyone think he can with Sookie? Something is fishy in the state of Denmark! Last season Benlow couldn’t find her til Claude and the fairy’s did a ritual was this some way to protect another fairy and use Sookie as the decoy? Fairies are tricky by nature. Hadley fled to save Hunter she is older than Sookie so does that make her the first Fae baring female?

  4. Wow, lots of great questions!! I hadn’t thought about Hadley,but I think she passed on the fae traits but was not a carrier herself. (Darn it, because that would be a great solution to at least getting Sookie off the hook.)
    And I’m still wondering what really happened when Eric and Sookie exchanged blood. This may sound silly, but she sure uses “Fuck” a lot these days and it used to be rare for her to swear. Is that just because she’s been exposed to so many more things the last few months or is that Eric in her just as Eric’s improved tolerance towards others (and Bill, especially) seems to represent Sookie-in-Eric in my mind?
    Good catch on the idea that Warlow is talking about turning her, not having half-fae babies with her. I just don’t trust him; he’s talking a good game, but he had no real reason to kill all his tribe except frustration. With his self-hatred, he is totally Bill 2.0, only he’s even worse because while BIll blamed his vampire nature when he did wrong, Warlow seems to blame everyone else. He’s like an abuser who says “You made me hit you with what you said/did.”

    • Sookie and Eric do act alike it’s funny. this season they are only at ease in one another’s company. I had to watch episode 5 and Benlow’s information he gave to Sookie’s parents. I don’t think Benlow is a prince. Niall made the comment that Benlow was obsessed with his bloodline. I believe he wants access to the Fae so he need to marry Sookie to become royalty and to have that access. He tried to dangle the carrot Sookie will become a princess when it is Sookie who will make him a prince. I also believe when Sookie goes to the camp she is going to learn more about the contract and who killed the fairies at Hooligans. Benlow is going to be in so much trouble.

  5. Well, wherever Niall went that Benlow was a prisoner was very wet, which makes me wonder if they are going to do the whole water fae/air fae thing. But maybe even the water fae can tell Sookie something.

    • Ooh that is a good thought…..maybe under stress she does pick up another Fae gift, at least I’m hoping she becomes kick butt. I have a feeling she is going to be Benlow’s undoing and I can’t wait. I love how she is not picking up what Bill is putting down. Do you think Willa will survive the season?

  6. I think the first hand laser had to do with her finding her fairy mate, Eric. Something about that blood exchange was powerful. When Bill slid into the Fae realm by accident after having her blood he entered alone. Wherever Sookie and Eric escaped to they went together.

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