“Major death will change the tone of the show” *spoilers*

Hollywood Life conducted an interview with Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin, and asked him about the major death predicted on True Blood.  What he said is below the Read More.

As we venture deeper into True Blood‘s sixth season — we are officially half-way through it, in case you weren’t aware — Truebies everywhere have one burning question on their collective brain: Which major character is heading for the grave? HollywoodLife.com chatted with Michael McMillian, who plays the lovable (former) reverend Steve Newlin, for his take on the upcoming death; and he assured us it’s going to be devastating.

“I obviously can’t say who it is, but I was definitely surprised when I found out,” Michael admitted, adding that the shocking death “changes the tone of the show” entirely.

Um… that‘s not comforting!

Ever since showrunner Brian Buckner revealed that “one of the principal characters will not make it all the way through the season,” fans have speculated which vampire will meet his (or her) true death. That is, if it’s a vampire at all.

As for Steve, who I assume is not the major character being killed off, season six is very much about reflecting on the past – particularly on past mistakes.

“The important thing to remember, and what I think is actually really cool, is that all of this is Steve’s fault,” Michael says. “He and Sarah came up with these camps together back in the Fellowship of the Sun, and now he’s become a victim of his own creation.”

Speaking of Sarah (Anna Camp), Michael says he was thrilled to reunite with his former on-screen wife

“There’s so much to work out between them, considering everything they’ve gone through as a couple,” Michael acknowledges. “And I actually think fans will be really surprised by the way they interact with each other. It won’t go down the way you might expect.”

We got our first taste of their surprising interaction this past week when Steve assisted Sarah at vamp camp, and if I know Steve and Sarah the way I think  I do, it’s only going to get weirder from here.

Rereading Brian Buckner’s statement, I wonder if by calling it a “principal character” he is hinting that it is one of the principle actors?  The principles are those actors whose names appear first in the credits and who consequently have the biggest contracts/salaries.  On True Blood, this would be Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley and, since sometime in season 2 or 3, Alexander Skarsgard. (I can’t remember what episode it was where he went from regular cast to principle, but it definitely wasn’t until sometime after season 1. Alex is the only regular actor to have been promoted to principle since the show started in 2008.)  Other actors appear in alphabetical order in the regular cast list, which will change season to season.

Among the principle actors, who would be a likely target? We know they aren’t going to kill Sookie, but I have wondered this year whether it will be Rutina since she is pregnant, or even Stephen Moyer since it would free him up to direct more. Of course I could totally be misconstruing Buckner’s comment and it might be another long-term but regular character such as Lafayette, Arlene, or Terry.


15 responses to ““Major death will change the tone of the show” *spoilers*

  1. I am hoping its bill….

    • I would love it if it was Bill, too. Bill’s death would be the most interesting end for a character who was so self-loathing Bill is meant (IMO) to be a tragedy and tragedies always end in death.

  2. I read somewhere else that Joe M. mentioned that it is a female. So, I am thinking it might be Rutina or Kristin.

    • I hope it’s not Pam, I loving her this season if it is Eric is going to go Viking of someone big time… Maybe he can find comfort in Sookies arms again…. Just thinking….

  3. I say keys kill Willa as well… She is too sweet on Eric…..

  4. If it is a female, then I am thinking it will be Rutina. I’ve been trying to guess when her baby is due and she looked like she was about 4 months at the premiere. That would make her due around November, which is right around normal filming season starts. Would they hold off on filming for a second year because of Rutina’s baby bump? Or might she have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to leave the show? That said, Rutina has said she thinks there will be some kind of reunion between Sookie and Tara, and I think that they would want to include something like that if they kill Tara off.

    I’m a little more worried that they might kill Kristin, only because all of this anger towards Eric has to be going somewhere. Hopefully it is just this big gladiator fight, but I worry that it will be Pam deciding to sacrifice herself for Eric’s sake or something. I want them both to survive.

  5. The way you are thinking with Pam sounds more like it… Lets hope they don’t hold up filming again because of Tara’s character .

  6. All I really care is that it’s not Eric. If they kill him off this will be my last season watching True Blood.

  7. I think to shift the paradigm as they say, they need to kill someone other than Tara. I guess it would not be Sookie but could be Eric (please don’t) or Bill (yes please). This is the most obvious though if they killed Jason, that could get Sookie to become a darker / revengy character? Especially as he’d be likely killed by a vamp since he’s all Fellowship again… If Eric or Bill killed Jason that would f*** up the paradigm a lot…
    I hope they won’t kill Pam though her death would be a great loss to Eric in spite of their recent spats… If it was Eric killing Pam, it is hard to guess what it does to a maker to kill their child…
    In the unlikely scenario they kill Sam, the paradigm changes in relation to the books from which TB has been distancing itself even more this season but otherwise it is just less shifter/were stories which would be a blessing…
    So yeah…. No clue…

  8. I think It could be Sookie. The shift is that she becomes like Warlow and functions from his perspective. She could be the angsty powerful one. Hope it’s Bill though. Can’t stand him though he is looking better this season. 🙂

    • Wow, I hadn’t ever thought they would go there, but it actually would be brilliant if they did. There really isn’t that much that could be characterized as changing the tone of a show besides a major change to THE main character, and it would definitely make things interesting if Sookie was a vampire but retained her fae abilities.

      From a Sooric shipper perspective, having Sookie turned by someone else could be interesting — she would finally be as immortal as Eric, but the angst of someone else being her maker would make it complicated. She couldn’t blame Eric if she was angry about it, but she would always be connected to Warlow if he turned her. Although then I have to wonder if a Warlow-turned Sookie could also kill Billith? Or only Warlow himself? Lots of interesting possibilities there. (In fanfic, if nothing else!)

  9. The thing is, killing a major character may be driven by the fact that the 6-year contracts are up and the actor wants to do something else. Given the way Skarsgard’s career has taken off since the beginning of TB, he may want out, in which case they’d kill him off even if they don’t want to (and why would they want to, given his popularity?). I’d be fine with it being either Tara or Bill, and could live with basically anyone but Eric. If he leaves, I’m done.

    • I think Alex has at least a 7-year contract, so I’d be very surprised if he was out this year. Next year would be a different story — they have to know that when he leaves, a lot of the fandom will fall away with him, so I think it is possible that if he wants out after season 7, then we could see the end of the series as a direct result. Or, at the least, only one more post-Eric season since I don’t think they could sustain it very long without him.
      I don’t think he’s interested in quitting TB until he has to — he said in a recent interview that the steady income of the show is what allows him to pick and choose his projects rather than simply doing anything to pay the bills, so I think he’s going to ride that train until something so big it can make up the salary difference comes along. If they do end up doing Tarzan, that might be an adequate step up to make the loss of the worth it. Last I knew, he was earning $200K per episode, just like AP and SM, so he needs something that is going to replace that $2 mill a year.

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