And now for something completely different…

Someone who reviewed this week’s True Blood included a link in their review to a mashup of this week’s theme song (F*ck the Pain Away) with the Muppets.

My mouth is still hanging open and I suddenly have fears about what I will dream tonight.  You may, too.  Language warning, if you had any doubt.


3 responses to “And now for something completely different…

  1. This was amazing!!!! Two things 1) I wish whoever thought this was writing for TB and 2)Is it wrong that this Peggy reminds me so much of fairySookie? I could see Sookie f-ing the pain away if she gets pushed by all the supernatural crazy s**t around her and the discovery that she had not just a nasty uncle but also superpsycho parents….

  2. Too funny! But apparently someone has way too much time of their hands
    I wonder how Disney who now owns The Muppets would feel about their moniker at the bottom of the pic while she sings “F$ck the Fain Away!?

  3. I believe it was done as a film class editing project, hence the great care with which it was put together. I’m actually surprised the film editor hasn’t received a cease and desist since the video supposedly went viral when it was first posted. As a student assignment, the actual mashup would be protected while in the classroom by fair use, but not so much just up on Youtube — unless it is so clearly in the parody category that Disney feels they don’t have a case and can appreciate the (dark) humor.

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