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And now for something completely different…

Someone who reviewed this week’s True Blood included a link in their review to a mashup of this week’s theme song (F*ck the Pain Away) with the Muppets.

My mouth is still hanging open and I suddenly have fears about what I will dream tonight.  You may, too.  Language warning, if you had any doubt.


Rolling Stone story on season 7 renewal *spoilers*

Rolling Stone’s story on the renewal of True Blood for season 7 had some interesting comments from Brian Buckner on the direction of the show in future.  Excerpts below the Read More.

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Questions, questions, questions *spoilery speculation*

Sunday’s episode left me with so many more questions that I wasn’t even able to process them the same night.

  • So, Sookie in her parents’ car when Warlow attacked, but in the station wagon’s rear space, not in the backseat where her bandaid was? I assume Claudine must have rescued Sookie before sending the car off the bridge into the water with the bodies.  Or did Warlow rescue her out of the vehicle before he got blasted?  Trying to snatch a 7-year-old is still a good reason to blast Warlow into another dimension, IMO.
  • Is Sookie thinking that Niall is with Jason?  When is she going to realize that Grandpa is MIA and wonder what happened to him? She told them to get lost for the night, not several days. I would think she would at least check in at some point, especially to tell them that Ben is Warlow after she confirmed it. WTH?
  • Who or what is Lilith’s god?  Is it going to turn out to be what humans call Satan? And how much do I hate writing that sentence because it would tarnish TB for me if that was the case?
  • What does royal blood have to do with all of this? Warlow describes himself as a faerie prince and is obsessed with Sookie’s blood line because it is the remainder of Warlow’s original tribe.  He’s going to make her a faerie princess.  (But isn’t she one already, according to Niall? )  And I find it interesting that Eric is also of royal human blood.  What are the writers trying to set up with all this talk of royalty, both human and fae?
  • In the next episode, Sookie is supposed to run to a place only accessible to faeries.  How does she know where this place is, since Niall is MIA and all the other fae are dead? And why can’t Warlow go there, since he clearly entered the club without any trouble?
  • Sookie is also described in 6.6 as “immune to Bill’s influence.” What does that mean, exactly? She no longer is subject to her former love for Bill? Has his blood fully left her body?
  • Why did Sarah seek out Jason after so long?  I wonder if she wants to get pregnant and pass off his baby as Governor Burrell’s?
  • What happens if you give someone with half fae blood (compared to Sookie’s much smaller portion) vampire blood?

Inside Vamp Camp

HBO released a special video showing how they set up “Vamp Camp.”  Some cool details I had not noticed while watching the episode!

“Major death will change the tone of the show” *spoilers*

Hollywood Life conducted an interview with Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin, and asked him about the major death predicted on True Blood.  What he said is below the Read More.

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