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6.5 “F*ck the Pain Away” thoughts

Episode 6.5 “F*ck the Pain Away” was not nearly as great as last week’s episode, although a lot happened.  Still, there were a handful of interesting developments.

What I loved — and I’ll preface this by saying my love is not as intense as last week’s, even for these things. 

  • When Sookie blasts Warlow with her faerie light, Billith reacts and speeds to his aid — and proceeds to give him a maker’s command which Benlow is obliged to follow! I love being right.  The relationship between Billith and Benlow promises to be interesting since they are in opposition.
  • Ben claiming that Sookie’s parents were trying to kill her was an unexpected turn of events, although it is pretty clear that her Mom wasn’t quite as enthusiastic.  And it also doesn’t change the fact that Warlow had shown up asking the Stackhouses to take their  7-year-old child away to make her a faerie princess and that was Corbett’s way of protecting her.  Although, if he was driven away by his tribe, who is he prince over?
  • We finally find out what Warlow wants: to make Sookie a vampire-fae hybrid just like him!  He wants to turn her and give her immortality.  When is Sookie going to realize that?
  •  I still don’t trust or like Warlow, but I find the idea that Lilith has declared him the vampire savior — reluctant though he may be — interesting.
  • The scene with Andy saving his one remaining fae daughter using vamp blood is touching, as was Holly’s attempts to not only console him, but tell him that going after Bill is just foolish since Bill will obviously kill him, leaving that remaining faerie daughter without a dad.  The conversation about whether Jessica was good or not was also well-done, and painful, both to the characters and to viewers. “But Jess is a good vampire!” “Holly, she killed my kids.”
  • Jason’s response when Jessica asked about why Jason would love her.  Jessica: “What did you love about me?” Jason: “Everything, I guess. Your heart most of all.”
  • Jason and Sarah’s sex scene was seriously hot!
  • Sarah Newlin’s lines tonight were the high points from a writing point of view.  Chastising the Governor, who is more interested in escorting Willa personally to Vamp Camp than having sex with Sarah: “Do not take me for granted! When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her!” To Jason, explaining why she feels “led” to come visit him: “God wants me to fuck you.” When Jessica identifies her as Steve Newlin’s ex:
    “I am not ‘Steve Newlin’s ex-wife,’ I am my own person!” When she realizes that Jason has slept with Jessica: “My body is a fucking temple and you have defiled it with your vampire-loving pecker!” Priceless lines!
  • Eric in a prison jumpsuit!  Oh, baby, they must have chosen baby blue just because they knew it would look good on you.
  • Eric’s shocked disbelief when he realizes that Willa has been imprisoned by her own father.  Poor Eric, trusting Gov. Burrell to have the same kind of paternal love he has for his child.  I do not ship Willa and Eric, but I could see on his face that no one was going to leave HIS progeny in that prison, especially a baby like Willa.  Wait until he finds out a guard tried to put moves on virginal Willa — I don’t think that guard is going to make it out alive.
  • Jason signing up for the LAVTF in order to get access to prison where Jessica has been taken.  Brilliant! And his recent life is credential enough to get him in the door.
  • Some of Pam’s discussions with the shrink were amusing, although the more chatty she got, the more nervous I got.  Pam, I know you want to be tough, but all look, where all that “I don’t care about my maker since he released me” bullshit has landed you — face to face with Eric in a gladiator-style fight, presumably to the True Death.

Mixed feelings/meh:

  • The pre-historic reunion scene.  Almost as bad as the turning scene, but at least there was some purpose to showing how Warlow came to kill his entire village when they rejected him.  And don’t think I didn’t think about the fact that that was why he killed them.  He could have fled, because I can guarantee that they didn’t know how to kill something like him, but no, he had to go and kill all of them in order to feel better. Yeah, so sympathetic. Not.
  • Warlow’s endless self-pity. He’s Bill Compton II, with more power for harm than even Billith.  That kind of self-loathing is never good news.  The only positive thing about it is that I hope it means he and Sookie will not be together long.  (At this point, it sounds like her stupidity is going to let her fall for his boohooing, alas.)
  • The Hunger Games testing of the vamps was kind of lame, although I found it interesting that Eric and Pam were ranked as #1s while Tara and Jess were 3s.
  • Corbett-possessed Lafayette trying to drown Sookie.  This medium stuff is turning out to be very dangerous to Lala.  What is Sookie going to have to do to him to escape? And since this kind of thing keeps happening to him, could he be the one who is going to be ended?
  • Great line from Gov. Burrell when Sarah introduces him to Steve Newlin by saying she has a surprise for him.  “Your gay vampire ex — that’s your surprise.”  So beautifully deadpan. Arliss Howard is fabulous.

Stuff I hated:

  • The flashback to 3500 BC were terrible.  Excruciatingly bad, from the horrible wig on RK to the unsexiest turning scene imaginable with Lilith smelling him, stripping him, fucking him and then clawing him.  Embarrassingly bad.
  • Jessica’s religious nervous breakdown.  I understand where she is coming from having grown up in the same kind of religious culture she did, but it was just tremendously depressing to hear her start to think that maybe she really is evil and serving Satan as a “demon whore.”
  • Did Jess try to make out with Bill? It happens so fast I have missed it the first time and am sort of glad because, just, ewwwwww.
  • Sookie believing Warlow really loves her.  Yes, because he’s had time to get to know you while he was stalking you as a child. Apparently, all of last week’s intelligence and strength has already disappeared. So disappointing.
  • Sam and Alcide.  Between Sam getting it on with Nicole when Luna is not even literally in her grave yet and Alcide being a douche, I just don’t care what happens to either of them.
  • Terry asking his old Marine buddy to kill him because he hasn’t been able to commit suicide on his own.  I sort of get it, and I suspect that Terry is eventually going to get his way, but Terry, seriously, you are coldly and calculatingly planning on leaving your new wife and three young children alone in the world because you can’t live with the guilt of having killed someone who was going to kill you? I generally am pretty understanding of real life suicide, but dude, you’ve faced down maenads and ghosts and ifrits and yet you want to kill yourself and leave your family alone for that?  No.  That’s just wrong of you, Terry Bellefleur.

What did you think?  I’m worried about the fight between Eric and Pam, not only because I could see them deciding to kill Pam off rather than Eric, but because if she does meet the True Death, it will be while they were still emotionally separated.  But could that be what all that fighting has been leading up to?