Wetpaint spoilers for 6.5 *SPOILERS*

This is why I still follow Wetpaint.  Ninety percent of the time, they post misleading or provocatively worded speculation that just covers what other people have already presented more straight-forwardly, but every now and again, they put up a nugget of what looks like solid information that makes the rest of the dreck worth it.  In this case, SUPER spoilery details about this Sunday’s episode, below the Read More.

Read on for 5 things to know about the dramatic ep, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories about the teases.

1. After Benlow proclaims his love for Sookie, someone from her past walks in and physically takes control of the situation — and you won’t see it coming.

2. A shocking almost-hook-up changes a relationship forever, and later, one half of the duo in question walks in on the aftermath of her former love’s tryst. Awkward alert!

3. More than one huge reveal about a character made us gasp out loud, and said intel may cost someone his or her life.

4. Forget everything you know about at least one person’s death — everything changes with one flashback. This new information also leaves someone’s life hanging in the balance.

5. Prepare for a Gladiator-meets-Hunger Games style battle between two people that no one wants to see die.

With #1, I assume it has to be either Billith or Eric, and since Bill is closer and Eric is in Baton Rouge, I’m assuming it is probably Billith. ETA: It occurred to me (in the shower, of course, where I always do my best thinking) that perhaps if it is Billith who comes to break things up, it won’t be because of Sookie’s fear but because of Warlow’s! After all, with Lilith’s blood inside him, shouldn’t Billith feel Warlow’s distress as his/her progeny?

#2 gave me a brief pang of worry for Eric and Sookie (with Willa as the third?), but then it occurred to me it is probably Jason and Sarah Newlin who almost hook up and Jessica who discovers it.

I can’t even hazard guesses on the whole who is likely to die stuff, but I’m wondering if #5 is an Eric vs. Pam fight, which I think has been hinted at elsewhere?

Whatever is going on, this sound likes an action-packed episode.


3 responses to “Wetpaint spoilers for 6.5 *SPOILERS*

  1. Just finished watching this episode and Sarah reminded me of a bad porn and Sookie had an old Sookie moment instead of looking at the big picture she only saw that her parents were trying to kill her instead of saving her from being turned. I also found the answer to my question what does Warlow want? To change Sookie.

    • I wanted to throttle Sookie when she said she kind of believed Warlow really does love her. Because, yes, a guy who JUST MET YOU as an adult and who tried to stalk you as a child really has had a chance to love you for YOU. I was so disappointed that she has backslidden already, argh!
      Great call on what Warlow wants, too! I noticed that he told her parents up front he intended to turn her. How long will it take him to mention that to Sookie? Although I suppose she would not have to give up the sunlight if he does it. Hmm….

      • Our only hope now is that Warlow’s link to Bill will make her not think twice about him but after listening to her talk to Lafayette Eric and Sookie lovers are screwed once again. Warlow hates vampires but he wants to turn Sookie into the one thing he hates the most this is too much for me. Last year they had 2 good episodes this year started off strong until all the jumping around tonight and where is Nora?

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