TV Guide spoiler about Pam

TV Guide had a tidbit about what’s to come with Pam in upcoming episodes. Below the Read More!

I’m loving True Blood this season! What can you tease? — Harry
Bill’s scary prophecy may come true sooner than we expected. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since it will show a hilarious new side of fan favorite Pam. Unfortunately, it will also put her at odds with Eric in a way that will make fans very angry.

So, Bill’s prophecy was that the vamps were all going to fry in the sun.  I can’t even envision how that turns into something hilarious with Pam, but I’m willing to give it a shot.  And I’m not surprised at it putting her at odds with Eric in a way that will make fans very angry because they’ve been building in tension between the two since season 4:  maybe this is going to be the pay off (from a story perspective) to all that escalation?

ETA: What if what is “hilarious” is Pam drunk on faerie blood, which would allow her to survive sunlight? And what if she tells the Powers That Be at Vamp Camp that if they want more faerie blood, they should check out Ms. Sookie Stackhouse?


One response to “TV Guide spoiler about Pam

  1. Any storyline that puts Pam front and center is Fangalicious to me. But I hope the pay off is worth the break up of her and Eric. Hopefully, she doesn’t decide Sookie is an abomination like Bill.

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