Daily Archives: July 9, 2013

Ausiello on 6.5 *spoilers*

In this week’s Ask Ausiello, MA answers not one but two True Blood questions! Below the Read More.

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One more spoilery interview from guess who?

Okay, this is almost getting funny.  Rob Kazinsky had a little chat with TV Guide and once again, he was telling just about everything he knows about Ben-low. Below the Read More.

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Straight from Rob Kazinsky’s mouth: It’s Ben-low! *spoilers*

ET Online conducted an interview with Rob Kazinsky, and he starts off by explaining that he didn’t know he was Warlow until he saw his costume rack, which identified him as “Ben-low.”  I think that makes that nick official! And I’ve got to say, RK is darn chatty about his character.  He’s revealing quite a lot about his history and his motivations, more so than I am used to with TB cast. More details below the Read More!

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