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Vulture interview with Rob Kazinsky *spoilers*

Now that he can talk about his character, Rob Kazinsky’s been awfully forthcoming, this time with Vulture.  🙂 Excerpts the Read More.

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Screencaps of 6.5 promo *spoilers*

The video again:

And screencaps:

Interview with Rob Kazinsky *spoilery*

Now that the secret is out that Ben is Glory Warlow, Rob Kazinsky is finally able to speak more openly about his character’s role this season.  Excerpts from his recent Access Hollywood interview below the Read More for those who are spoiler-averse.

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Video: Eric procreates

Posted just because this is just SUCH a wicked-cool scene and I know many of the people who visit my site do not get to watch the episode for a while yet.  In recapping last night, I forgot to comment on the amazing speech form Eric as he turns Willa.  Thank you, Alexander Woo, I effing LOVE YOU!

Everything your father put in you — his cowardice, his small-mindedness, his hate — all of it will seep out, and into this vessel I will seed a millennium of wisdom, honor, life.


Inside the Episode and 6.5 preview

Inside the Episode for 6.4, “At Last,” with Alexander Woo:

While Alex W is talking about how we are going to see a different side of Ben, I still think that killing Sookie’s parents is ultimately a deal-breaker, sorry!

And the preview for 6.5, “F*ck the Pain Away”