6.4 We find out who Warlow is — “At Last”!

Wow, who would have thought that episode 4, even in a shortened season, would be such a game-changer!  So much going on and SO GOOD!  My heart is still pounding from all the developments and I admit I turned the air blue with the number of curse words I squealed every time something else amazing would happen.  And, as usual, big shout out to Alexander Woo for doing a great job on the writing.  There is a reason this man is one of my favorite TB authors.

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Things I loved:

  • Ben is Warlow!!!!!!  And even though I was pretty sure of that theory going into this episode, I still squealed with shock when he popped his fangs to give the injured Jason his blood.  OMFG!!! And now that he’s out in the open, he’s actually kind of hot.  (I think it’s the British accent when he quits bothering with the deceptive Southern one. ) And when he was with Jason in that dream ? Smokin’! Good thing he killed Sookie’s parents so I can’t sympathize with him too much, because I still consider that a deal-breaker for that ship.
  • The return of SMART SOOKIE!!!  OMG, how I have missed her. So, so proud of her for figuring out that Ben was Warlow even before Jason and Niall. Loved the way she prepped herself for battle and kept her cool on her “date” with Ben. In fact, she was so calm and collected that once again, I wondered if this is another manifestation of Eric-in-Sookie.  She played verbal cat-and-mouse with him in much the way Eric would have, and her calm in threatening him when he was making out with her was also like our Viking.  Honestly, every time I hear the word “fuck” come popping out of her mouth, I think that’s Eric’s blood in her — and I like her so much better this way.
  • Eric turning Willa. OMFG! I was not expecting that,  and while it is disturbing to have him turn her for such political purposes, he was both considerate (The jacket for her to lie down on!  The gentle explanation of what was going to happen! The reminder that she was still herself!) and yet dispassionate (since he could have slept with her if he had wanted to but declined).  Just beautifully done. But what will become of Willa now? Will she survive Vamp Camp? And will she be a vampire worthy of Eric’s bloodline? I like to think so.
  • Willa returning home was bittersweet.  She is the first vampire we have seen turned who has been told up front by her maker that she is still herself and should make it her goal to show her family that she is not a monster — and still has her core personality.  To me, that Eric gave her that mandate is the flip side of what is going on with Sookie, and that is Sookie-in-Eric speaking.  They Are One.
  • Great Alexander Woo line, Andy to his quads: “It’s time for bed, anyhow, ya ain’t slept since you were three.”
  • That the quads could successfully raid Aunt Arlene’s closet and look likes skanks  is hilarious.
  • The reappearance of the convenience store clerk in the first episode! As Alexander Woo said in the Inside the Episode, life still goes on in Bon Temps.
  • Oh, those poor baby faeries, too naive to know Jessica is lying to them when she picks them up at the store.  And poor Andy, not even knowing how to describe the girls when they disappeared.
  • Niall: “No, it’s unthinkable!” Jason: “No, tell me what you’re unthinking!!” Love me some Alexander Woo.
  • Andy figuring out that Bill has the girls.  Brave, brave Andy! I’m worried for what Bill might do to him, although I know he survives for a while.
  • Poor Terry, trying to deal with his PTSD with the quads knowing what was really going on.  Is anyone else worried for Terry’s mental health?
  • Governor Burrell’s reactions to Ginger’s notorious screams.  Poor Ginger, what is going to happen to her at Vamp Camp?
  • Love that the fae blood is too unstable to synthesize. Or is it only half-fae blood that is so?

Things I had mixed feelings about:

  • When did Alcide and Rikki become such ruthless pricks? They’re just going to kill Sam?
  • Tara seems to be escalating the bad feelings between Pam and Eric and that makes me nervous for what else is to come between them.  It seems to be setting up something even worse than the conflicts they had at the end of season 4.
  • Nicole was boring, although I sympathized with her hair in that Southern humidity. My hair looks like that in NJ humidity, too.  Even making out with Sam (and hello, Sam, your girlfriend isn’t even cold in the grave yet) didn’t add anything interesting to that storyline.
  • Sarah is with the Governor? Eewwwwww.  Although I shouldn’t be surprised.

Things I hated:

  • Nada.  Not a thing.  Even the boring parts (Nicole, the weres) were short enough that it wasn’t terrible.

Questions (and they’re all interesting ones to me!):

  • So, does full fae blood degrade the way half-fae blood does?
  • What the hell was Ben/Warlow doing, taking bites out of Grandpa Niall and then spitting the blood out?
  • What does Sarah Newlin want to talk to the Governor about? Something to do with her ex-hubby?
  • How is Niall going to be rescued from the fae realm? Because you know that Sookie and Jason will want to. And will it cause another time jump for Sookie if she does?
  • Are the quads really dead?  They didn’t turn to dust, but does that mean that they are alive or is it because they are not full fae?

All in all, hands down my favorite episode so far this season!  I can hardly wait until next week!



10 responses to “6.4 We find out who Warlow is — “At Last”!

  1. FANF**KINGTASTIC!!!!! One more question – I must have blinked during the scene with Niall and Nora. Do you know what happened to her?!

  2. Well, I stayed up for this post and it was worth it.

  3. Amazing epi! I loved everything except for the weres and Sam & Nicole. Sam WTF your girlfriend Isn’t even cold yet & her daughter is in the next room. The best part was Sookie. She was BA!

  4. lostinspace33

    I always love your recaps…thank you for doing this! I’m with you…I pretty much loved this episode from beginning to end. I was about 75% certain Ben was Warlow, so not unexpected, but exciting nonetheless. I also had an inkling that Eric might turn Willa, especially after ASkars mentioned in an interview that there would be “someone new” in his life this season. Loved that too, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t survive the camp.

    I don’t even have mixed feelings about Alcide and Rikki…I just hate them this season. Not a stretch with Rikki…I didn’t particularly care for her to begin with, though I thought she and Alcide made a pretty hot couple. I’m very disappointed with Alcide, though. I’ve always liked his character and considered him one of the good guys.

    Ben took large quantities of Niall’s blood to weaken him without actually killing him. He mentioned something about that when he was pulling him out of the car trunk. I assume the reason he was spitting out the blood though, was to avoid the intoxicating effect that fairy blood usually has on vampires.

    I’m wondering if Sarah’s “news” for the Governor is that she’s pregnant. Would be an interesting twist.

    And I just have to mention that the funniest scene to me last night was Jason and Niall sneaking up to Ben’s hotel room. I told my husband it was like watching Barney Fife and Bilbo Baggins on a spy mission! LOL (Too bad it ended so badly for Niall…I hope this isn’t the end of Rutger Hauer’s run on TB.)

    • I didn’t quite catch what Ben said to Niall as he was tugging him out of the trunk and your theory that he took blood to weaken him but didn’t ingest it to avoid intoxication is a great one. I guess I was thinking that because he was part fae himself, he would not experience the high from it, but the fact that he spit it out would seem to indicate that he does.

      I hope that the bring Niall back as well; they could easily have killed him, but instead they sent him off to that alternate realm. What I don’t understand is why Ben would think he’d be stuck there. Niall popped in and then popped right back out from Sookie’s bathroom, so why would he be stranded there?

  5. so it’s not just me who finds ben a 7.5 from a 2.5 when he turns out to be warlow. must be the accent. after watching the teaser with sookie-benlow, i can’t help but swoon from the sight of his deep dimples. (blasphemy, coming from an e/s shipper, i know) keep the spoilers coming, hon. i love your recaps!

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