New episode 6.6 and 6.7 synopsis and title *spoilers*

HBO has released new synopses of episodes 6.6 and 6.7, and there is yet another new title for that seventh episode.  Below the Read More for accidental visitors to the site.

Episode 6.6, “Don’t You Feel Me”:

Bill seeks Lilith’s advice on the escalating crisis between humans and vampires; Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get an inside look at Vamp Camp; Sam tries to make the best decision for Emma’s future; Andy names his faerie daughters; Eric discovers the truth about TruBlood’s resumed production.

Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2013

Guest Cast Rutger Hauer: Niall Arliss Howard: Gov. Truman Burrell Lucy Griffiths: Nora Robert Patrick: Jackson Herveaux Kelly Overton: Rikki

Episode 6.7, formerly known as “The Funeral” and then as “World Without End,” now “In the Evening”:

Eric makes a last-ditch attempt to save Nora by pledging allegiance to Bill; Sam ignores Alcide’s warning and returns to Bon Temps; Sarah vows to get revenge on Jason; Jessica shows her gratitude to a fellow prisoner.

Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2013

Guest Cast Arliss Howard: Gov. Truman Burrell Lucy Griffiths: Nora Kelly Overton: Rikki Robert Patrick: Jackson Herveaux Rutger Hauer: Niall

Of course, with the change of title comes the possibility of new music for the end credits. One possibility? Led Zeppelin:

Another interesting option would be this 1963 blues cover by Ray Charles.

So, I’m guessing the new TruBlood is going to be spiked with a little something extra. But will it be something positive for vamps courtesy of Bill and his attempts to get fae blood synthesized, or will it be something negative for vamps thanks to Governor Burrell?


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