Three preview clips for 6.4, “At Last” *spoilers*

Gotta love a holiday weekend! HBO has released three spoiler clips for next Sunday’s episode, “At Last,” nice and early! (Probably so the HBO staff can get the heck out of the office for the long weekend — go, HBO staffers!)   I’ve put them below the Read More since a lot of people seem to stumble on my site by accident.

First up, “What Dreams May Come,” showing Jason having a steamy dream about Ben.  Has Jason had Ben’s blood?!? And if that isn’t more evidence that Ben is a fae-vampire hybrid, I don’t know what is!

Next up, “Fresh Blood,” with Willa and Eric talking, apparently after Eric had intended to release her.  But she doesn’t want to leave – and she really, really wants to taste Eric’s blood.  So intensely that it makes me a little nervous that she is up to something besides wanting to have sexy Viking dreams.

Finally, “Faerie Problems.”  Andy’s girls are growing up, faster than ever before, and looking for trouble — and they are going to find it!

ETA: I was thinking about Eric and Willa talking about blood, and it occurs to me, could the scene have been included mostly as a reminder to the audience of what vampire blood does to a human so that the hint about Ben is more obvious?

Happy 4th of July to everyone who observes it!  (I can’t help but observe it, since it is also my birthday.  🙂 )


2 responses to “Three preview clips for 6.4, “At Last” *spoilers*

  1. Could dear Willa be a recovering V addict? Hmmmm

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