Todd Lowe talks major character death

The Wrap interviewed Todd Lowe and he talks about the major character death to come this season. I’m wondering if he could be talking about his own character, Terry, although I hope not! Excerpts below the Read More.

I found Todd’s answers to the following questions interesting since the episode titled “The Funeral” is episode 7, shortly after the episodes he mentions below.  As you will recall from other spoilers, whoever it is that dies appears to leave Andy’s family “ravaged” and also is someone that will make Sam return to Bon Temps even though Alcide has warned him not to. For this reason, I’m think it has to be someone at Merlotte’s, and  the most likely suspect (at least so far) would be Terry.  Which would make me sad because I love me some Terry! But what angst if that is the case.

Does Terry get pulled into the human versus vampire war raging this season?
There is not so much vampire interaction with Terry. He has own little special mission that he needs to go on and I’ll leave it at that. It’s revealed towards the middle of the season.

Looking back on this season, is there a scene that you’re most excited for fans to see? Where should fans expect to see this scene?
Halfway through the season there’s a big moment that I haven’t gotten to play yet, so I’m excited. That happens in episode five or six, I think. I’m curious to see how that goes over.

The executive producers have been teasing that someone major is going to die this season. What can you tell us about the reaction of the cast to this departure?
I know we were sad to see it coming. I can’t say too much more. It was a bit of a surprise and it was kind of an emotional moment – we’ve been together as a cast since the first season.


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