Anna Paquin: Don’t write Sooric off yet

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CBS News interviewed Anna Paquin and chatted with her about True Blood while she was promoting her web series “Susannah,” which focuses on postpartum depression.Ā  After describing the secrets behind Billith as “too complicated and plot-driven” to talk about without either lying or giving too much away, she answered a question about our favorite Viking:

As for Sookie’s other former vampire lover, Paquin said not to write off her relationship with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) just yet. Even though she’s rescinded his invitation from her house, the actress said that there will always be something between the two characters because they “genuinely have affections for each other.” Whether that means love in the future or a solid friendship remains to be seen, especially with half-fairy Ben arriving in Louisiana.

“I don’t think it’s giving anything if I say if it involves Sookie. It’s always complicated,” she said, laughing. “That it’s not necessarily going to pan out in a way that’s easy, simple or un-traumatizing.

First we have Stephen Moyer saying that the Bill and Sookie ship has pretty much sailed, and now Anna stepping up to say that Sookie and Eric are not over? I’m loving it!

9 responses to “Anna Paquin: Don’t write Sooric off yet

  1. I am not taking the bait, sorry. I would love to see them together romantically and side by side fighting as equals cleaning up supernatural drama. I don’t think the writers are going to give us what we want so I can see their new found respect will find them as friends only.

  2. Yay!!!! You know we love to take the complicated and traumatizing route to HEA!!!

  3. I think that they are going to be separated most of this season, although there is some reason why they bothered to establish the fact that Eric still loves Sookie and that she still has some feelings for him. My instincts are that if they are going to be together at the end, the writers will hold off on doing that until the last season, which I think will most likely be season 7.

    At least we are being spared the old “Bill and Sookie 4eva” line that used to be trotted out for interviews in past year. For that, I am grateful. šŸ™‚

  4. My little shipper heart will continue to believe that they will be together in the end.

  5. hey you! when will you post my next fix of TRM? TB’s already stealing your plot idea. will we get our next fix on july 4? (hint, hint)

  6. I’ve got a five-day weekend coming up (well, with some work time in there, but work time in which I should be able to write), so I’m hoping so. Although you have to give me a pass on the 4th itself because I’m going out with my guys to celebrate my birthday at some point! šŸ˜›

  7. have fun with your boys, hon!

  8. eys1214, and next weekend, BTR! Although this time, Dad is going with…

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