Another speculative hmmmm *spoilers*

So small, so vague, but I found it interesting.  Below the Read More.

Here is the episode description for 6.5, “F*ck the pain away”:

Sookie gets Lafayette to summon her dead parents; Warlow revisits some painful memories with Lillith; Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures to rescue Pam; Sarah reconnects with Jason; Andy picks up the pieces of his ravaged family; Jessica seeks atonement.

In reviewing the spoilers for that episode, look what I noticed from back in March:

From SpoilerTv on 3/18/13:

In episode 6.05 of True Blood, we’ll meet Ben’s mother and father via flashback.

Warlow is, of course, Lilith’s first progeny, so he would have been turned thousands of years ago.  So, what if what we see is how human (or is it halfling?) Ben was turned into Warlow? I could see some scenes with pre-turning Ben (or whatever name he was going by then) and his parents and then Lilith.  Or are there going to be two flashbacks, one with Warlow and one with Ben?  There seem to be a lot of things going on in this episode to accommodate two separate flashback scenes.  And if Ben really is Warlow, I kind of like the idea of the audience knowing before Sookie finds out.  It would make any forthcoming Ben/Sookie hook up more tolerable since I know it can’t last, and the tension of waiting for the other shoe to drop will be very angsty.


3 responses to “Another speculative hmmmm *spoilers*

  1. Hmmm…I like this theory! (Anything that means Sookie isn’t going to be with this Ben character in any real meaningful way is good with me.)

  2. I feel the same way, if being with Ben is going to allow her to see the worth of Eric then I can tolerate it also lol. I guess I’m so hung up on the fact she accepted Bill hands down flaws and all and never gave Eric the chance and accept him flaws and all. I knew she was going to leave when he asked her what she will do when he got his memories back if she will stay or leave? I understand her quest for normalcy and to fit in because everyone treated her different her whole life. However, it’s time for Sookie to accept the one person that has accepted her and although Eric is rough around the edges he is putty in her hands loving her flaws and all. He never once tried to change or control her. I hope she comes to grip soon because I couldn’t stomach the Alcide scene and I’m going to be sick if she falls for Ben and haven’t fully explored the opportunities with Eric.

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