Photo comparison: Warlow and Ben

Inspired by a poster on Bookies ❤ True Blood, I thought it would be interesting to compare Warlow and Rob Kazinsky.  I did the same thing with the previous, unbearded photo of Warlow and I’m still convinced that was Stephen Moyer under the hat, probably because they hadn’t cast an actual Warlow yet. 😉

What do you think? I’d say, at the very least we can’t rule Ben out as Warlow based on these pictures.






4 responses to “Photo comparison: Warlow and Ben

  1. If you look on true blood it lists the actor playing M. Warlow (and the other character) he plays

  2. I’ve seen that spoiler, but anyone can edit IMDB, so I’m not convinced. Still possible, but I think it’s more fun to think it might be Ben!

  3. I’ve decided that Ben is either Warlow or Warlow’s child…just because I want him to be (LOL!) I don’t like him and I think Rob and Anna have ZERO onscreen chemistry.

  4. Just by looking at the mouth lines, I believe Ben is Warlow. But I agree with lostinspace33

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