Are Bill and Sookie over for good? SM thinks maybe *spoilers*

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Stephen Moyer and among the questions? Does he think Sookie and Bill will ever get back together?  Eric and Sookie lovers may love his answer.  Thank you, Stephen!  Excerpts below the Read More. 

In the season premiere of True Blood, Moyer’s Bill has been reborn as a new version of himself after drinking the blood of the first vampire, Lilith. Paquin’s Sookie feels that the new Bill is nothing like the Bill she once loved — and asks him to leave her alone forever.

“Bill has changed so much,” says Moyer, thinking back to the season-one Bill, a mysterious vampire who fell in love with human Sookie.

“I don’t know if Bill and Sookie are ever getting back together,” says Moyer. “I don’t know whether that’s even possible at this stage.”

“I don’t know if it even is what the fans want,” he adds. “I think she has so many suitors around her — it could go all sorts of ways.”


4 responses to “Are Bill and Sookie over for good? SM thinks maybe *spoilers*

  1. YES!! Another one down. Now to get rid of the freaking fairy!!!

  2. I’m just hoping that Rob Kazinsky is blowing smoke out of his glowing white ass with all this talk about how good Ben is and that he really is hiding a very dark agenda. Sigh.

  3. maybe Ben is Warlow?? and can disguise himself as whatever he wants….

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