Clips from 6.2 “The Sun” *spoilers*

Various clips have come out in the last 24 hours for episode 6.2, “The Sun.”  I’ve put them below the Read More so I can comment on what we see without spoiling people who land on the page by accident!

First up, sneak peak of Eric, Pam and Nora, “This Means War”:

So, the troops just robbed the bar? WTH?  And it looks as if whatever Eric pulled out of Tara was some sort of radioactive core.  Maybe a UV-based bullet? Very disturbing for vampires! All the in-fighting is also making me tense, although I guess that is to be expected when so much chaos is going on.  As Eric said in the last episode, though, this is not the time — show you have the others’ back in this or get out of the way!

Sam and Arlene, “The Secret’s Out”:

Looks like the vampire supporters are trying to drum up local support among the supe population.  What I’m wondering is how out-of-towners knew that Sam was a shifter? They clearly came looking for him, so they must have the info from somewhere else. And how funny is it that Arlene could tell just by looking at the Occupiers that they were from elsewhere?

And finally, a clip that Anna Paquin brought with her to Jimmy Kimmel last night, featuring an effing scary Bill facing off against Sookie:

Why does Bill want to give Jessica Sookie’s blood? Is he just trying to share the sunlight with her? Did he DO something to her that requires faerie blood to repair?

I also wonder if Bill’s super powers are why they were so specific about Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation.  I can imagine Sookie starting to get frightened (especially after the plates don’t even put a dent in Bill’s stony exterior) and Eric responding to her fear by trying to rescue her only to be blocked by the rescinded invite. Although that also opens up the possibility that the scene we see later with Sookie telling someone (I was hoping it was Bill or Ben) that she does not belong to anyone may be Eric after all.  I can see Eric finally getting to her after Bill does whatever he does and Eric telling her he wanted to protect her because she was his (in his mind, anyhow.)  Oh, the angst!

Any other ways you see this all playing out?  Do you think Bill will actually take Sookie?  If not, how does she get him to leave her alone? So many questions!






2 responses to “Clips from 6.2 “The Sun” *spoilers*

  1. It looks like Sookie is finally learning her lesson about Bill

  2. I hope so and I hope she doesn’t forget it (again).

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