Today article on season 6 *spoilers*

Rob Kazinsky (Ben) talks about getting naked — a lot– for the new season of True Blood.  He may be hot, but I’m still not looking forward to it because his self-described shiny pale backside probably involves an equally naked Sookie.  Sigh.  He and Alexander Skarsgard also talk about who’s good and who’s bad this season.  Some of the answers surprised me. Excerpt before the Read More, but you can read the full story here.

When asked whether his own experience made him more sensitive to the actors’ nude scenes, [Kazinsky] said, “I’m naked for a great time of it; I think I’m quite sensitive — I’m a sensitive bloke.

“There are all sorts of inappropriate fall-out situations,” he added. “John Gielgud once said to one of his leading ladies: ‘I apologize to you if nothing happens below, and I also apologize if something does.'”

Stripping down in front of the camera was a new experience for Rob Kazinsky, joining the cast this season as fairy Ben, the new man in Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) life.

“I got a lot (of tips) from Anna, which was along the lines of ‘Stop being a p—- and just do it.’ You can’t have an ego on this job,” he told us. “If everybody else is getting naked all the time, you better damn well get naked (too).”

“I had a moment a couple weeks ago when I was (dubbing) a sex scene, and I had this out of body experience where I realized I’m watching my own behind from third-person perspective,” he said. “That’s not something many people get to do. ”

Although his character “has a good heart (and is) ruled by conscience,” Kazinsky notes, “he does have a dark side — he’s also ruled by human passions.”

Skarsgård said he’s “having fun going back and forth” between dark and light.

“That’s what I loved about Eric since we first started. When you first meet him, he’s the bad guy. That’s what I responded to when I first read the books and first met with creator Alan (Ball) six years ago. We’re still exploring that. This season as well, he’s both good and bad.”


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