That nude bra *spoilery speculation*

I’m feeling better about a certain spoiler after noticing that Sookie seems to be wearing the same bra in a series of pictures, leading me to speculate on the sequence of events.  Details below the Read More for those who don’t want to be spoiled.

So, as a Sooric shipper, I’ve been very nervous about the scene from all the promos with Sookie making out passionately with Ben on her couch.  While I’ve been hoping that the scene will end with what is becoming the running joke of Sookie always being interrupted if she makes out on that couch, I also feared that she would finally go all the way with someone other than Eric. But tonight, I noticed something that put my mind at ease a bit. Check out the evidence of Sookie’s nude bra!

Here we have Sookie wearing the lace top that she is wearing with Ben below, looking very dolled up and pretty, which makes me think it is earlier in the sequence….

Snapshot 73 (6-9-2013 9-44 PM)












Next we have Sookie advancing quite quickly with Ben on the couch. Notice she is wearing a nude/beige bra.

Snapshot 17 (6-9-2013 9-23 PM)












We also see what appears to be the same bra in other photos.  In the one below, it looks as if she may be dressing before her encounter with Ben, since she is in her room, and that looks like a robe instead of the lace top in the picture below. She seems to be debating what to do with her hair — leave it down as it is in the other photos?

Snapshot 66 (6-9-2013 9-41 PM)











We next have this scene where she may or may not be wearing the nude bra. It’s not obvious if she even has a top on, and it looks to me as if she has been throwing faerie light around.  She has also bee shouting that she doesn’t belong to anyone.  My worry here all along been that she might be talking to Eric, but perhaps it is Ben himself who tried to claim her in some way and that pissed her off? The height of the person she is talking to doesn’t look like Eric, and the ears look wrong as well. The hair is hard to call since sometimes Eric’s is blonder than other times.

Snapshot 16 (6-9-2013 9-23 PM)











And, finally, the photo that makes me think the make out scene may not go anywhere.  Sookie stands in her living room in that same nude bra, looking angry and disappointed — and keeping her fairy light at hand for her protection!

Snapshot 3 (6-17-2013 9-41 PM)











Put them all together, and I think there’s a good possibility that while she may start out with Ben on the couch, he says something offensive by telling she is “his,” and she loses it and blasts him with faerie light.  End of at least that night’s couch passion — which would make me very happy. Long may the curse of the couch live on, even if our Eric got caught by it as well. Perhaps Gran’s ghost keeps vigil over that couch!

Crazy theory or a possibility? What do you think?





One response to “That nude bra *spoilery speculation*

  1. I like the idea of gran…….

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