Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.12 Save Yourself

And now I’m ready for season 6!  The final transcription of the enhanced viewing only available on the blu-ray discs.  The compilation of this information for all episodes of season 5 is here.

5.12 Save Yourself

HINT [As Russell approaches the fae club while the faeries are blasting him with light] Russell appears to be unaffected by the faerie light blasts. Did drinking the blood of the Elder make him even more powerful?

HINT [After Eric stakes Russell] Russell doesn’t immediately die after Eric stakes him.  Is this another effect of the Elder’s blood? [Hmm. If Warlow has made deals with fae hybrids before, maybe he knows this about faeries and has been drinking them so that he special powers, like Bill will? They are predicting a surprising connection between Billith and Warlow. – MVB]

FYI [As the Authority guards bring Sam to Bill for breakfast] The Authority’s vampire guards are very well paid, earning almost $150,000 a year before taxes.  They are allowed 14 nights of vacation every calendar year.  The guards work in shifts – three nights on, three nights off – but even when off duty, the guards are expected to be “on call” and ready to report to the Authority in the event of an emergency.

FYI [As Sam zips around the Council room in fly form] Sam and Bill initially regarded one another with a simmering hostility that stemmed from each man’s relationship with Sookie.  They later put aside their differences to save her and the rest of the town from Maryann.  Since then, neither one would say they were friends, but a grudging mutual respect has replaced the antipathy.

FYI [As Nora and Eric bicker while entering Fangtasia] Like most siblings, Eric and Nora have a tendency for petty squabbling from time to time.  Though their fights never had any real anger behind them, they exhausted Godric so much that he threatened to release them unless they stopped, a ploy that only worked for a few hundred years.

FYI [As Eric cleans out the secret cash stashed in Fangtasia] Eric has taken advantage of his immortality by making shrewd investments in real estate.  He has a knack for predicting population growth and has profited by selling off various properties at the height of their market potential.  Since the Great Revelation, he’s been in the process of legitimizing his holdings. [So Eric is basically a real estate mogul? And Sookie told Bill in a conversation about what they would do if they had normal lives that she would go into real estate. Hmmm…..MVB]

HINT [As Jason sees his parents after his blow to the head] Jason is the only one seeing his parents right now.  Is this because of his head trauma? These don’t seem like the Michelle and Corbett we’ve seen before…

HINT [Just after Eric admits the Authority also has Pam and Tara reminds Sookie she owes Pam] Sookie does owe Pam, but could she have any other reason for agreeing to help? [Ugh, are they implying she wants to help rescue Bill? It would be in her character, but ugh, Sookie, just UGH. Although Eric wants to rescue him, too.  IMO, more evidence that they are bonded and don’t even know it yet. – MVB]

FYI [As Bill is lecturing the Authority guards on the Authority being breached] The Authority has only been breached once before. In 1955, a nest of vampires managed to get past the surface level guards and into the elevator.  When the doors opened, the Authority guards were waiting.  They opened fire, killing five of the seven vampires; the surviving two were arrested and later executed by Roman.

FYI [When Bill orders the guards to kill all creatures they find while looking for Sam] The “at rest” state of a shifter is the human form.  When a shifter goes to sleep (or is rendered unconscious) in animal form, he or she will revert; this also holds true if the shifter is killed in animal form. [Is this true of weres, too? – MVB]

FYI [As Sam and Luna debrief while in the cells, with Emma in a cage nearby] Steve Newlin has sufficiently frightened Emma into staying in wolf form for as long as she can.  Because Steve is off campus, the pup stays in the cells so that the guards can take care of her without accessing Steve’s quarters.

HINT [When Rikki is freaking out after being forced to take V] Rikki was given a higher-than-normal initial dose of V.  Her body is struggling to metabolize it, hence her reaction. And since the effects of V are slightly amplified in weres (compared to normal humans), the negative side effects of this overdose were worse for Rikki.

FYI [After Jackson has given Rikki colloidal silver to drive the V out of her body] Just as silver has a repellent effect on vampires, colloidal silver will serve as an antidote to vampire blood in the human circulatory system.  This works on a molecular level, forcing the V out through the sweat glands and respiratory system.

FYI [When Jackson Herveaux brags that he has some of the best V available in his possession] Jackson got th

is particular vial of V from none other than Eric Northman.  It was given to Jackson during an inter-pack rivalry that was getting particularly blood; Jackson asked Eric for some of his blood “just in case.” Jackson never needed it but kept it all these years.  [And, again, why was Jackson getting this blood from an Louisiana vamp if he was still in Mississippi? Just seems strangely convenient. – MVB]

FYI [When Lafayette makes Cajun margaritas for Holly and Arlene] Lafayette’s Cajun Margarita contains tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, sour mix, and a hint of jalapeno juice with a rimmer comprised of cayenne and celery salt. Lafayette wouldn’t ordinarily just make drinks for everyone out of the blue, but he’s been in a good mood since coming back from Mexico. [And he could make me one of those any day! – MVB]

FYI [After Maurella asks Andy to get her some salt] Because of the crystalline nature of salt, it’s useful in warding off  “dark energy.”  Faeries, being creatures of light, thrive on salt and consume it in large quantities; similarly, salt can be used to disrupt or dampen dark magic and is used by Wiccans in creating protective circles.  [So, does Sookie have a craving for salt? – MVB]

JANE BODEHOUSE [Who is sitting at the bar in Merlotte’s] maintains a busy barfly schedule.  As soon as she leaves work, she goes home for a quick Lean Cuisine dinner and then she’s off.  Monday is karaoke night at Happy Endings in Shreveport.  Tuesdays are $1 beer night and shuffleboard at Hoi Polloi’s, just outside of Bon Temps.  Wednesday nights Jane heads to Monroe’s premiere Tiki bar, the Cha Cha Cabana.  Thursdays she can be found at the Locus, a little dive bar just west of Ruston.  Fridays she usually kicks it at Mulligan’s, a Chili’s knockoff in Bossier. Her favorite night thought, is Saturday, where she drives to Longview to watch college football – and college boys – at El Casino Royal.  Sunday is her rest day, as the good Lord intended.  And though Jane has her schedule set, she’s not such a creature of habit that she might just up and decide to head into Merlotte’s from time to time.

FYI [As Maurella gives birth] Freed from the biological requirements that plague earthly creatures, faeries breed often and quickly.  Ever since she came of age 482 years ago, Maurella has been with a number of partners, mostly fae but with an occasional human thrown in for the sake of genetic variety.  [When do faeries come of age? At a few months, given their rapid growth? – MVB]

FYI [As Maurella delivers number 4] Faeries always give birth to multiple offspring.  While quadruplets and quintuplets are the norm, it’s not unheard for litters to number as high as eight.  Because they have mixed parents, Andy and Maurella’s children will be half-fae, half-human.

FYI [As Maurella informs Andy that the girls are his responsibility] Because female faeries breed so often, they usually leave the litter with the father in order to begin seeing out their next mate.  This occurs regardless of the father’s species.

LLEYTONG HENRY [the vampire that J.D. has hung up and is draining] is a mainstreamer whose former life changed abruptly after meeting two vampire sisters, Laura and Roberta.  He fell in love with both women and they fell in love with him. The sisters turned him four years ago and now the threesome lives outside of Shreveport.  Unfortunately for Lleyton, he’s known J.D. since before becoming a vampire, and when J.D. needed some V, he decided to pay a visit to his old friend…

HINT [As Luna shifts from Steve Newlin into herself] The public at large has no knowledge of the existence of shifters. Luna’s on-air shift could threaten the one thing that her kind prizes most: secrecy.

FYI [As Level 2 protocol is initiated] Level 2 Protocol takes effect in the event of an imminent invasion.  All Authority guards are summoned to HQ and begin an organized hunt for the intruders.  Additionally, all non-essential systems are powered down.

HINT [As Eric and Nora kill Authority guards in the main chambers] During their time with Godric, Eric and Nora would hunt and kill as a team. Now that they’re together again, does it matter that the prey has changed from humans to vampires?

HINT [As Pam and Tara kiss] Every maker-progeny dynamic is different.  Some, like Lorena and Bill, immediately begin a physical relationship.  Other makers never relate to their progeny in that way.  And some, like Pam and Tara, dance around the subject until one day, the dam bursts.  From Pam’s reaction to her rescue, one could say this kiss was long overdue.

Salome reflects on what will happen when she drinks the blood of Lilith [And is Valentina Cervi gorgeous in that green or what? – MVB]

FYI [In the carnage at the HQ] Jason was trying to keep track of how many vampires he killed but at 23 realized he’d double counted one of his kills.  Before he could correct the tally, he was rushed by a cadre of guards and lost count completely.

HINT [As Sookie and Eric stay behind to get Bill] Eric suspects that Bill might be past the point of saving, but because of the bond they’ve formed, he feels an obligation to try and save him.

FYI [As Bill stakes Lilith] By her own count, Salome’s age would be 1,977 years old, give or take a few years for ancient calendar discrepancies.

FYI [As Bill tells Sookie she is an abomination] Bill is referring to a passage that describes the antagonistic nature of vampires (creatures of the dark) and faeries (creatures of the light).  According to this passage, the two are anathema to one another by design. [You just keep believing that, Bill, and let Eric sin it up with Sookie then. – MVB]





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