Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.11 Sunset

5.11 Sunset

HINT [As Nora sits and thinks about Lilith killing Godric] Like Eric, Nora has fond and powerful memories of her maker.  She had similar flashbacks and visions of Godric and knows better than to ignore his words. [I feel they should have shown Nora’s fondness for Godric before she became a Sanguinista more clearly, if this is the case. So far, I’ve only heard her badmouth him, so her regret seems out of the blue to me – MVB]

FYI [As Nora recites a verse to allay Salome’s suspicions] Nora is quoting a passage from the Book Vampyr.  She knows the word of Lilith will satisfy Salome.

HINT [As Bill tells Jessica he’s let go of the trivial concerns of humans] When Bill was a young vampire under Lorena’s watch, he was taught to disregard the ways of humans and embrace his savage nature.  But he managed to reclaim his humanity and align himself with the mainstreaming movement, preaching this lifestyle to his own progeny.  But Bill’s time with Salome has brought him back to his older, more savage ways.  Only now, he’s doing it under the pretense of religion.

FYI [As Jessica tells Bill she wants to turn Jason] Jessica is paraphrasing a section of the Book of Baphomet, that suggests a vampire is not complete until he or she has procreated.  It is a somewhat contentious section among the less fervent followers of Lilith.

FYI [As Eric is pacing in his chambers, IMO because he’s worried about Russell going after Sookie] Eric is pacing in his chambers.  He looks highly uncomfortable, not unlike a caged animal.  The room was once considered to be his quest quarters, but Bill insisted the residence become more…permanent. [And it is a gorgeous room with all that purple in gold, but I’m still going to puke in my mouth a little when Nora comes in shortly. Ugh. – MVB]

HINT [As Nora is jumping all over Eric, making me cringe] After her recent vision shook her to the core, Nora found an emotional safety in Eric that enabled her to break completely from the Sanguinist movement.  Despite the years of devoting herself to Lilith, Nora has finally abandoned her faith.

And this is not on the blu-rays, but I saved all of these from when the episodes first aired last year.  Alex and Lucy talk about the motivation behind Eric and Nora’s make up sex:

HINT [As Sookie and Jason talk about the faerie contract that sells her to Warlow] What does a contract like this mean? Is Sookie bound by it? What happens if she breaches the contract?

FYI [As Sookie and Jason walk through the quiet fae bar] Although the bar and dance floor shut down certain nights of the week to give the staff a break, the club’s doors are always open to faeries seeking refuge from the human plane.

FYI [As the military leader approaches the Authority headquarters in a stretch limo] The caravan of cars approaching the Authority Headquarters is comprised of General Cavanaugh and his entourage, which includes three high-ranking official from his administration and several Secret Service bodyguards.  Only the officials know what business Cavanaugh is on; the bodyguards are privy to very little information.

FYI [As Gen. Cavanaugh speaks to the remaining Chancellors] Roman was the only member of the Authority that General Cavanaugh ever dealt with.  The two men would meet once a month to discuss the politics of human-vampire relations.  Every now and again, Roman would invite the General out for a game of night golf, but his invitation was never accepted.

FYI [As Gen. Cavanaugh tells the Council he has video of Steve and Russell eating the frat boys] The video of Russell and Steve killing an entire fraternity was recorded by a security camera installed just a few weeks before the attack.  Brothers of the Gamma Kappa Tau house had been plagued by a series of burglaries, believed to have been committed by a rival fraternity, and installed the cameras in an effort to catch the culprits.  Steve and Russell were so blissed out from their feast that it didn’t occur to them to do a proper sweep before leaving.

HINT [As the General tells the Council that the humans have weapons the vampires have never heard of – yet] The US government has spent years covertly preparing themselves for what they officially call an HVE – Hostile Vampire Event.  [And clearly, we’re going to see some of this weaponry in season 6! – MVB]

GONDRY and LAMBERT [The guards keeping an eye on Jess while she visits Jason in order to “turn” him] knew each other long before they were recruited to join the ranks of the Authority guards.  Before they were made vampires, the two men worked as private security guards in Chicago.  After the Great Revelation, their firm started hiring vampires to work with the human guards.  And when Gondry realized how much more money their vampire counterparts were making, he convinced Lambert that they should get themselves turned. They asked a fellow guard, who was happy to oblige for a small sum.  The firm eventually went out of business and the men were instantly snapped up by the Authority’s security task force.

FYI [As an automated voice in the Authority announces dawn in two minutes] The Authority announces dawn for two reasons: first, if a vampire does not get the proper amount of rest, he will suffer from the bleeds.  It is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and weakens the vampire, making him more susceptible to attack.  Second, the Headquarters are all but shut down during the day.  Lights are turned out.  Doors are locked.  Alarms are set.  The Authority knows vampire are most vulnerable during the daytime, and takes any and all precautions to protect themselves.

THE ELDER [Just after she has entered, dancing] has always championed the arts.  It is one of the reasons she and Queen Mab clashed.  Queen Mab wanted to suppress faeries’ creativity, while the Elder wanted the species to flourish.  When the Elder escaped to the human plane through the portal, she was thrilled the faeries could create a safe haven to express themselves freely through dance and music.

HINT [As Holly’s boys “apologize” to Andy for putting his butt up on Facebook] Having one of the saddest love lives in all of Bellefleur history, Andy never imagined he would have a family of his own.  But when things got more serious with Holly, Andy decided that maybe, just maybe, he could make her his wife someday.  Although her sons haven’t exactly welcomed him into the fold, Andy is making an effort to get along with Wade and Rocky.  He knows how important it is to his future with Holly.

HINT [As Alcide and his father talk about whether his dad stole money from the pack] Did Jackson actually steal from the pack? If so, why did he do it? What is the true story behind Jackson’s fall from grace?

FYI [When Rosalyn comes looking for Elijah] Rosalyn isn’t all that different from a territorial dog: she likes to leave her mark.  Over the decades, she’s made a habit of turning humans pretty much wherever she goes.  It’s how she marks her travels and the passage of time.  Although she definitely has her favorites, Rosalyn cares deeply for each and every one of her progeny.

HINT [When Pam takes credit for Elijah’s death] Why does Pam take the fall for Tara? Is she trying to protect her progeny or does she have an ulterior motive IS she perhaps hoping this is her chance to get closer to Eric? [Oh, that never occurred to me!  I thought it was just because she was ready to protect Tara the way Eric would protect her. – MVB]

FYI [When Rosalyn smells Jessica] The older the vampire, the stronger her sense of smell.  And while Rosalyn may not be as old as Russell Edgington, she’s no spring chicken.  Considering Jessica’s proximity, it’s no surprise that Rosalyn sniffed her out.

FYI [After baby vamps burn themselves on Jackson Herveaux’s silver chain link fence] Jackson bought his silver chain link fence from the Home Depot in Bossier City.  Although the store stopped carrying silver chain link because of the material’s expense, it restocked after the Tru Blood factories were attacked. [And why was Jackson all the way over in Bossier City instead of Mississippi where he lives? Visiting Alcide since Alcide had moved? Or did the writers just forget they are in Mississippi, not Louisiana? Pfft! – MVB]

HINT [Just after Jason is glamoured by Russell Edgington to tell where Sookie is] Jason allowed himself to be glamoured by Russell fairly easily.  Doesn’t he know better? Or is it possible this was part of the faeries’ plan all along?

FYI [As baby vamps attack a neighbor of the Herveauxs.] With the Authority’s recent procreation mandate, more and more baby vamps have been surfacing.  The vampires attacking Jackson Herveaux’s neighborhood were all turned near Soda Lake.  Biker Chaz Cantrelli was drinking whiskey in the park, Steven Fox was walking home after a late night at the office, and high school senior Laura Flett was partying with some friends when a nest of vampires descended upon them.

FYI [When we first see the pens of humans in the Authority] The prisoners surrounding Sam and Luna are humans that have been snatched from the streets by a team of Authority guards led by Steve Newlin.  The former reverend chose to target mostly rural areas, so as not to incite mass hysteria in New Orleans.  The prisoners’ clothes were removed as soon as they arrived to make feeding on them easier and cleaner.

Russell shares his view on faeries:

HINT [When the Elder goes out to confront Russell] What experience might the Elder have in battling vampires? Why does she seem so suddenly confident that she can take Steve and Russell out?

HINT [Just after the Elder zaps Steve Newlin] The Elder’s power seems much stronger than the light from any other faes we’ve met.  Does a faerie’s power grow with age, like that of a vampire? Or is there another reason the Elder is so strong?



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