Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.10 Gone, Gone, Gone

I’m almost to the end of the season 5 blu-ray extras and hope to have the transcriptions completed before season 6 airs tomorrow night! If you’ve missed a previous post, check out the full season 5 series to date on my compilation page. I did the same thing for season 4, which had a lot of fascinating details, especially from Godric about Eric.

5.10 Gone, Gone, Gone

FYI [As a TBBN news anchor describes day 3 of the Tru-Blood crisis] Given the implications of the destruction of the Tru Blood factories, news coverage has been consistent and wide-ranging.  Even specialized networks like E! are participating, with Ryan Seacrest interviewing celebrity vampires about the crisis.

FYI [When Sookie finds Mike Spencer at her door] Sookie’s never gotten over the night when Mike Spencer, under the influence of Maryann, forced her to cuddle with him on her kitchen floor.  Things have been weird with him ever since.

HINT [As Sookie stakes Mike Spencer] The better question is not WHO turned Mike Spencer, but WHY… [Oh, intriguing point!]

FYI [As Elijah is counting money in Fangtasia’s office] Much to the chagrin of those in his area, Elijah severely abuses his position of power.  As the new Sheriff, he has extorted all of the local vampire-owned businesses, thrown parties were involuntarily fed on (makes it more fun that way, according to Elijah] and turned a harem’s worth of women.  Despite this lack of order, he’s very diligent about collecting his protection money, stopping by Fangtasia every night.

FYI [When Elijah tells Pam and Tara there need to be 30 new vamps in Area 5 by the end of the year] The Procreation Mandate issued by the Authority requires the Sheriff of every area to provide a certain number of new vampires, depending on the population of each area.  This is a new measure coming from the now-Sanguinist Authority; they’re hoping to quickly increase the total number of vampires.

FYI [As Andy and Sookie talk about Mike Spencer] Andy and Mike had a relationship that was based on mutual professional respect.  When the two first met, Mike took Andy out for a beer.  As the night wore on and the alcohol flowed, Mike’s stories got weirder and weirder.  From then on, Andy decided to keep his distance from the coroner.  But he always remained respectful of Mike, just in case he ended up being a serial killer. [ROFLMAO because I could totally see Mike as a serial killer – MVB]

FYI [As Bill enters the Lilith shrine] Bill seems to have moved up quite rapidly in the Authority’s ranks. Could he be taking over some of Roman’s responsibilities? Or does the post-Roman Authority even allow for a hierarchy? [I’m guessing the latter – after Roman’s heavy-handed rule, I’m guessing Salome and the others don’t want to be told what to do any more. – MVB]

FYI [As Bill and Nora force Eric to take Lilith’s blood] Bill and Nora believe that the only way they can convert Eric is through Lilith’s Blood.  They think that if he can simply see Her again, he will be convinced of Her power and divinity.

HINT Eric’s been pumped full of silver, leaving him in a very weakened state. [My poor baby!!! – MVB]

FYI [As Godric appears to Nora and Eric] Nora hasn’t seen Godric for centuries but she has had the occasional dream, usually involving the two of them in a large, white room. Humans of every size and color lie on tables, beckoning Nora and her maker to feed on them. Nora and Godric each begin opposite each other, usually on the same female.  With locked eyes, they start to bite down…and that’s when Nora always wakes up.  [Sounds slightly reminiscent of the dream Eric had of Godric while with Sookie, although the setting is different. Hmmmm…. MB]

HINT [As Lilith kills Godric] Seeing Lilith kill Godric confirms Eric’s feelings about Lilith’s malevolence.  For Nora, it is the beginning of her faith in Lilith and the Sanguinist beliefs. [Actually, I don’t understand why Nora would feel that way given how she has been bad-mouthing Godric all this time.  Did she expect Lilith to forgive blasphemy? – MVB]

FYI [As Russell and Steve dance to Katy Perry’s “Teen Age Dream” at the frat house] The frat was having a house meeting to plan their annual December Christmas party, “AlcoHolidays,” when Russell and Steve arrived in search of a snack.  Twenty-two of the brothers were killed.

HINT [As Sam lets Jessica threaten a redneck who threatened her in Merlotte’s] Although he distrusted vampires in the past, Sam has grown a lot in his journey to come to terms with his own supernatural nature.  After everything Sam’s been through, he’s definitely going to be more sympathetic to other supernaturals.

FYI [As Jessica announces her guards have left her] The guards were always guns-for-hire.  Once the money stopped and it was clear Bill wasn’t coming back any time soon, they quit en masse.

HINT [As Pam tells Tara they can give Fangtasia to Elijah and “live in the wind.”] Since being turned, Pam hadn’t really found a place she called home until she and Eric opened Fangtasia.  Over the years spent running the place, she’s developed a certain fondness for it, though she’d never cop to anything that sentimental.

FYI [As Sookie packs to go stay with Jason for a bit after having staked Mike Spencer] Sookie used to stay at Jason’s house pretty regularly, especially after a late night at work.  This came to a standstill after she found a bra in the couch cushions.  She never said anything but when pressed simply told Jason she preferred the “neatness of home” to his bachelor pad.  Now she only stays over in emergency situations.

HINT [As Jason discovers the hidey hole under the bed in Sookie’s house] Even though Jason has a reputation for being kind of dim, he’s always been smarter than people give him credit for and his training as a police officer seems to have cleared some of the cobwebs.  It makes him feel good to show off to Sookie.

HINT [As Sookie and Jason find the scroll] What language is this on the scroll? And did Gran know about this before she died? [I’m guessing she might not have known until after she passed on, because she seems like she would have told Sookie if she had. – MVB]

FYI [As Sam tries to call AVL to get photo opp with Steven Newlin and Emma] The AVL has call centers in Buffalo, Tampa and Flagstaff, with both human and vampire employees.  On an average day, they will handle around 20,000 calls with inquiries that range from the political (pro and anti-vampire sentiment0 to the practical (vampire first aid) to the outlandish (“Can I turn into a vampire from a bat bite?”) In the wake of the Tru Blood factory bombings, the call centers are receiving double the calls.

HINT [As the Authority comes to bring Jessica to her maker] We’ve seen the Authority decked out with various Apple products.  Is this a coincidence or does Apple have a significant number of vampire employees?

FYI [As Steve Newlin goes head to head with Congressman David Finch on TV] Steven knew David Finch from the early days of the anti-vampire movement.  They met on occasion at various fundraisers and gala events.  Being a closeted gay man himself, Steve knew all too well the little tells that can give one away.  So when he heard rumors about David Finch’s sexual preference, it was no surprise to Steve.

FYI [As Hoyt leaves Bon Temps in his truck] Hoyt knows that he’ll need a car in Alaska and has pragmatically decided to drive the whole way. He’s looking forward to the trip as a way to clear his head and see parts of the country he wouldn’t otherwise see.  Even though it will be a longer drive, he’s planning on heading to the Grand Canyon, then up to Yellowstone, and then through the rural parts of Canada until he reaches his destination.

HINT [As Jason begs Hoyt not to go, even though Hoyt no longer knows him] Without supernatural assistance, the chance of reversing the glamoured state is so low as to be considered impossible.

FYI [As Bill gives Jessica a tour of the Authority] The Authority’s main chamber walls originally came from Turkey.  They were commissioned to be built by powerful vampires living during the height of the Byzantium Empire.  The walls were later moved to New Orleans when the Authority was being built.

FYI [As Bill impresses upon Jessica the importance of the vampire bible] Jessica’s parents homeschooled their kids. In addition to the state-mandated secular materials, Jessica would study the King James edition of the Bible two hours every day.  Her mornings began with a recitation of the book of the Old Testament and she had to name all of the books of the New Testament before bedtime.  By the time Jessica was twelve, she could easily recite, word for word, the contents of the Books of Genesis, Leviticus, Kings, Judges, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, as well as all four Gospels and the Book of Revelations.  Once she was made vampire, she tried to forget all of that as quickly as she could.

HINT [As Ginger and Tara kill Elijah with Eric’s sword] Tara appealed to Ginger’s loyalty to Pam and Fangtasia in a high-stakes proposal: go along or lose it all.  Given Ginger’s intense feelings towards Pam, it was a no-brainer for her to join forces with Tara.

FYI [As Steve scolds Emma for shifting into her human form] In theory, a were can stay in animal form indefinitely, but in practice, many things – stress, stamina, emotional state – will dictate the duration of the shift.  In some cases, the opposite will happen and a shifter or were can get “stuck” in animal form, a situation that usually corrects itself once the animal is completely exhausted and loses consciousness.

HINT [As the new Authority talks about ordering translated copies of the book of Vampyr for every new vamp] The now-Sanguinist Authority is essentially trying to create a theocracy.  A very large obstacle is the ignorance of those they are trying to govern.  Nora wants to wage a direct war on that ignorance by making the Book of Vampyr required reading for every vampire on the planet.  Implicit in this desire is the use of force, if necessary.

HINT [As Russell tells the Authority about faerie blood] Russell came into the Authority knowing the power of faerie blood. Has this been an ulterior motive for him all along?

FYI [As Russell rants in his original accent at the Authority when Salome calls faeries an abomination] Russell’s Southern accent is a bit of an affectation.  He finds it charming and genteel and like the way it sounds in his mouth.  He’s all but forgotten his original accent, a pidgin of Celtic and English from 700 BCE, but it comes out sometimes when he loses his temper.

Steve Newlin’s take on why Russell got so upset:

FYI [As Claude examines the fae scroll] The faerie language is like no other language on earth: infinitely complicated, with shifting syntaxes, twenty-three tenses, and a seeming exception for every two grammatical rules.  It would take a normal person his or her whole life to master.

HINT [As Maurella explains the scroll is a contract] Though the nature of the agreement is unknown, it’s clear from the reaction of the faeries that it’s a sacred and binding pact.




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