“In one day” promo, featuring Eric *spoilers*

Eric&SookieLovers has posted HBO’s “In one day” countdown prom, which features Eric — and it includes a new scene with Sookie.  Below the Read More for those who are trying to stay unspoiled.

I did some screencaps of the new stuff, which includes Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation to the house, Eric lying somewhere with Willa, and Eric confronting Jessica, presumably about killing Bill.  It feeds my little Sooric shipper heart to see the expressions on their faces as he is drawn out the door — he is clearly still deeply in love with her, and while her expression is harder to read, she’s not unmoved. I’m curious about where Willa and Eric are lying.  It almost looks like the fae club, but I don’t see how that could be.  Maybe Eric’s home or some other hidey hold he has decked out?

Snapshot 1 (6-15-2013 9-32 AM) Snapshot 2 (6-15-2013 9-33 AM) Snapshot 3 (6-15-2013 9-34 AM) Snapshot 4 (6-15-2013 9-34 AM)


One response to ““In one day” promo, featuring Eric *spoilers*

  1. OMG……… Look at it again slowly… It’s a coffin they are in you can see the lid opening… GGGRRR… AND I HATE Sookie… I’d never recind my babyboys invitation..LOL

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