Big spoiler hint from Rutina Wesley

CNN did an interview with the cast of True Blood about season 6 and a pretty big spoiler clue came out that may help us guess who Warlow is! Excerpts below the Read More and read the whole article here.

The big news? Rutina Wesley says that when Warlow is introduced, he is not introduced AS Warlow! And I swear that I read that Warlow would be introduced in the first episode of the season.  So keep your eyes peeled Sunday night for any new vamps that come along!

“How Warlow is going to be introduced is rather amazing,” Wesley added. “You’re not gonna see it coming, I think. It takes a minute to figure out who Warlow is, because he is introduced, but he’s not introduced as Warlow. The guy who’s playing him is an amazing actor, so it’s going to be really nice.”

Other tidbits:

  • The story line is going to go back to the roots of what’s going on in Bon Temps by the end of the season.  According to Joe Manganiello:

“The show got really big in its scope during seasons three, four and five, and it became more about the world and these creatures with so many plot lines. In season six, there’s a concerted effort to make this show return to what made it great in season one and two. It was about these people who lived in a town. It was about the town versus the rest of the world. I think (the show) really returns to that at the end of this season. The way that it’s pulled is really smart, and I think it’s going to be really fun for the audience.”

  • The tone of this season is very dark.  According to Rutina Wesley:

“I think the ads that they’re putting out right now say it best: No one is safe this season. There’s definitely a war going on. The vampires have to fight that war, (and) the humans have to fight that war — so it’s like survival of the fittest.”

And what is darker than a main character death? According to Joe Manganiello, the rumors are true:

But the biggest mystery awaiting fans of the series this season is the question “Who will die?” Rumors that season six will feature the death of a major character have flown for months, leading to extensive online speculation and a looming sense of dread. According to the actors, there is truth to the rumors.

“That’s true,” Manganiello confirmed. “But I’m not going to say who. I can say that that’s true, but that’s about it.”

I still say it won’t be Eric (although I think they will keep teasing it in order to keep viewers on edge about the fan favorite) and that it will be Tara — especially if Rutina Wesley is pregnant as speculated.  If the war really is survival of the fittest, Tara is still very much a baby vamp.  And honestly, the whole romance between her and Pam? That’s a good clue that things are going to go south for them as a couple at some point. No one gets to be happy in a show like this for long, so if they are enjoying their romance, something is going to pull them apart before the season is over.   If it isn’t some kind of bitter fight — and I think they’re going to be too busy trying to survive to fight — then I think they will be separated by death. While my money is on Tara because she is hit by the government military weapon — whatever that is — I could be wrong. Could the death be Pam?



6 responses to “Big spoiler hint from Rutina Wesley

  1. I’m thinking it’s going to be Niall (who’s also Warlow) because when they first made the announcement that Rutger Hauer was joining the cast, I’m pretty sure they said it was to play a character called Warlow.

    • I wondered about that early on for the same reason, but can a fae be turned into a vampire? And I think we’ve seen evidence that Niall is fae because he is shown helping Sookie with her light.

    • Ooooh, and now there is more evidence for your idea! Check out this quote from the NY Times review that posted yesterday: “Rutger Hauer joins the cast, perhaps playing two diametrically opposed roles, in a plotline involving Sookie’s family history and her parents’ death.”
      To me, that sounds like Rutger Hauer could be both Niall and Warlow. They did post the role as “Macklyn” and the name still keeps coming up in articles,which I thought was weird. What I’m wondering is how they will explain what/who Warlow is. Maybe the reason Nora recognized his name was that he really was a very special (formerly fae) vampire, even if Alan Ball has said faeries can’t be turned.

  2. “Could the death be Pam?”
    (Fingers in my ears) I can’t hear you! … I can’t hear you! … I can’t hear you! …

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