Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.9 Every Wants to Rule the World

5.9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

FYI [As the news shows the Houston Tru-Blood plant burning] The Houston Tru Blood bottling plant, located in the industrial part of the city outside the Port of Houston, was the third of its kind to open, and created nearly 6,000 jobs in the area.  And because the plant also offered a daily tour to the public, it created a surge of tourism that helped boost the local economy.  [Since season 6 seems to be going to some Tru Blood factory later in the season, I am guessing it will be this one in Houston.  Maybe that’s why they initially were casting the Governor as the Governor of Texas rather than Lousiana? –MVB]

Kibwe talks about Tru Blood:

FYI [When Molly tries to use the exit elevators and finds her blood doesn’t give her clearance] Level 1 Protocols are only initiated when the Guardian is believe to be in grave danger.  The protocols remain in place for at least 48 hours, and longer if the Chancellors so choose.  It prevents anyone from getting in or out of the Headquarters (except, of course, for the Chancellors.)

HINT [When Lafayette tries to call up the “creepy spirit thing” (Warlow) in Sookie’s bathroom] We have only seen Lafayette summon the ghosts of humans.  Can he also access other spirits and creatures?

FYI [When Lafayette comments that Tara hasn’t been pissed at him this long since he stole her boyfriend in 8th grade] Tara had been dating a boy in the grade above her, Michael Curtis, for about three weeks (a long time for both middle school standards and Tara’s standards) when she caught him making out with Lafayette in the custodial closet.  Lafayette and Michael had an ongoing flirtation for the next several years to come, until Michael joined the military and moved to Fort Jackson for basic training.

FYI [As Luna argues about coming with Sam to look for the Obamas, he says he loves her] This is the first time Sam has told Luna that he loves her.  In true Sam and Luna fashion, the three little words slipped out in the midst of a tiff.

HINT [Terry is contemplating going to Patrick] Terry intends to track Patrick down and offer him what he deems a fair fight: one-on-one, no weapons no hiding, and no cheating.

FYI [Just after Eric tells a questioning Bill that he is more of a mainstreamer than Eric will ever be] Bill was initially recruited to the Authority because of his mainstreaming ways.  Nan Flanagan followed him and recognized this in him, especially noting how he would glamour humans he fed on instead of killing them.  Until he was introduced to Sookie’s world, Eric and no compunction about killing humans who stood in his way.

HINT [As Sookie asks Bud Dearborne about her parents’ deaths] Before the Great Revelation, the existence of vampires was still a mystery to humans and, more specifically, law enforcement.  Many unsolved cases in Renard Parish were attributed to gators or wild hogs.  Sheriff Dearborne would often turn to these explanations, lest he wanted open case files sitting on his desk for the rest of his career.  After vampires came out of the coffin, Bud reviewed several old cases and realized that many of them could have been vampire attacks.

HINT [As we see Arlene coming into Merlotte’s with a pencil in her hair] Arlene was running late for work today and couldn’t find the pink scrunchie that matches her sweatshirt, so she put her hair up with a pencil.  Little did she know, Lisa took the scrunchie and wore it to school.

FYI [Just as Arlene puts a gun to Patrick’s head and threatens to blow his brains out] Arlene has a habit of staying up late to watch old cop movies, her favorites being Bad Boys, Die Hard and Carlito’s Way.  Although she’s always had morbid fantasies about holding a gun to someone’s head like the heroes in these films, she never actually expected it to happen.

HINT [As Nora tells Eric how she saw the truth of Lilith] When Salome first recruited Nora to the Authority, she had high hopes of bringing the British vampire under her wing and introducing her to the Sanguinist movement. Like any smart politician, she waited to earn Nora’s trust before beginning the indoctrination.  [When was this? When did Nora join the Authority? I somehow thought it was much earlier, but maybe not? – MVB]

FYI [As Salome dances half nude for an equally nude Bill in her bed] Salome was always fascinated by Lilith, but was not as devout in her early days as a vampire.  It was not until the mainstreaming agenda came to the fore that Salome realized the true importance of vampire religion and devoted herself to following the word of Lilith and the Book of Vampyr.

HINT [When Bill fantasizes Sookie in bed instead of Salome and he bites Sookie] What is the meaning behind Bill’s hallucinations? What does it say about his feelings for Sookie? [Well, I think it says that what he really loved about her was her fairy blood, which he dearly wants to gorge on – MVB]

HINT [When Sweetie and Bud put Sookie in the pig pen] Sweetie and Bud have been starving the pigs to make them more aggressive.

FYI [When Andy shoots Bud Dearborne] Shooting Bud was no easy task for Andy.  He spent years admiring Sheriff Dearborne, holding him up as a dear friend and mentor. He always felt that he learned more from Bud than from any of his teachers at the Police Academy or any of his Bellefleur elders.

FYI [After Patrick is shot and the Ifrit comes to claim him] Now that “blood has been paid with blood,” an exchange which literally involves the Ifrit taking Patrick’s remains, the score has been settled and the Ifrit has been satisfied.  Terry no longer needs to fear this demon.

FYI [As Steve Newlin and Russell walk near an abandoned farm, talking about the first werewolves Russell claimed] Steve and Russell are walking through property once owned by the Ardoins, a family of prospectors who settled in Bon Temps around the same time as the Comptons and the Loudermilks.  Since there are no surviving Ardoins, the land was returned to the state and the buildings were left to ruin.

HINT [As Russell gives his blood to J.D., the new Shreveport packmaster] Russell has a long history of aligning himself with werewolves and using them to do his bidding, especially during the daytime.  What does he hope to get out of his alliance with J.D. and the Shreveport pack?  [I’m guessing that Russell hoped to eventually send the Shreveport pack to fetch him Sookie at some point.  He did say he would think of nothing else but her blood once he tasted it. – MVB]

JACKSON HERVEUX Once a proud packmaster, Alcide’s father Jackson Simeon Herveaux blew through his savings on a series of poorly placed bets.  His gambling problem not only drained his pockets, but it drained his personal life.  He drove away his pack and his children, Alcide and Janice. Now he spends his days and nights betting on sports games, hoping he might be able to turn his luck around.

FYI [As Sookie and the Claudes watch a TV report on burning True Blood factories in Japan and Kuwait] Given the history between the two species, faeries have never trusted vampires.  Unlike humans, who are only just beginning to understand vampires and their ways, the fae are keen enough to now this is part of a larger vampire plan.

HINT [When Eric injects Nora, causing her to pass out so they can make their escape from the Authority] Eric is injecting Nora with a very rare form of liquid silver so powerful, it causes a vampire to pass out from pain the instant it infiltrates the body.  It is about seven times stronger than the silver used intravenously during official Authority interrogations.  Nora will probably wake up in a few hours, but the pain will last even a few hours beyond that.



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