Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.8 Somebody That I Used to Know

5.8 Somebody That I Used to Know

FYI [As Luna starts to snarl about how people who hate shifters are everywhere] Most shifters have problems controlling their anger.  This seems to be the result of a biological trait as opposed to learned behavior; some speculate that shifters are just more prone to the fight-or-flight reflex, but in human form that basically translates to a short temper.

FYI [As Luna skinwalk shifts into Sam] A shifter can only skinwalk after he or she has killed a family member.  Both Luna and Tommy inadvertently skinwalked the first time under moments of emotional stress, but it is also something that can be done at will (at great risk to the shifter.)

HINT [As the high vamps tumble out of the elevator at Authority Headquarters] Everyone but Eric seems to be riding the post-Blood euphoria; seeing Godric during his crisis of conscience seems to have had a sobering effect on Eric.

Russell’s thoughts on the vision of Lilith:

FYI [As Alcide is having sex with Rikki in a chair] Shifters and were have very physical sex lives.  Because of their dual nature, the physiological response to sexual stimulus activates the animal parts of the brain, making the sexual act incredibly primal.

SARAH HARRIS [As Bill visits his dying daughter Sarah in flashback] (nee Compton) was the only daughter of Bill and Caroline Compton.  After Bill was turned and left his family, Caroline raised Sarah to be someone who could stand on her own two feet. Sarah became a schoolteacher at an all-girls school where she met her husband, Phillip Harris, also a teacher.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth, who would be the sole bright spot in an otherwise difficult life.  Phillip died of tuberculosis, leaving a then-thirty-year-old Sarah to raise her daughter alone.  After her daughter left for college, Sarah became increasingly depressed and isolated.  Thought she continued to teach, her health suffered until she was diagnosed with leukemia.  She fought the disease for six months before succumbing.  Thought she saws her father one last time, she died three months short of seeing her daughter marry James Bellefleur.

HINT [As Sarah begs to be turned] Bill’s always had a complicated view of being a vampire.  He knows that eternal life comes with a price and he is very reluctant to drag his daughter into his own personal hell.

FYI [When the hate group shows Hoyt that they have brought him Jessica] Jessica was hungry enough to get a little careless. When she and Reggie got outside, she was waylaid by the other members of the hate group.  Under other circumstances, Bill would have responded to her fear vibe, but he’s very distracted by everything going on at the Authority.

FYI [When one of the hate group says that It’s not a crime to kill a vampire because they are already dead] Since the Great Revelation, it’s considered a felony offense to kill a vampire, though vampire rights advocates feel that the government hasn’t done enough to enforce this new law.

THE CLAUDES [As Sookie talks with Claude and his sisters as the fae club] Known as “the Claudes” amongst faeries, this family of siblings includes Claude and sisters Claudine, Claudia, Claudette, and Claudija (to name but a few).  They are famous for being the single biggest faerie litter ever, with sixteen girls and one boy.  The Claudes’ mother was a protector of the Stackhouses and, as is faerie tradition, the obligation passed to the next generation.  Though outnumbered sixteen-to-one, brother Claude generally assumes the leadership role now that Claudine has passed on.  This is a point of contention with the siblings because Claude was born third from last.

FYI [As Lafayette discovers a vial of V in Jesus’s emergency kit] Jesus began to regularly carry vampire blood in his first aid kit after seeing Lafayette use it to help Calvin Norris, who was critically injured after his run-in with Sam Merlotte.

HINT [As Lala uses the V to heal his injured mouth] When V is used for medicinal purposes, the side effects that make it so addictive are dramatically reduced.  Lafayette knows that using V topically poses to no risk to his vampire blood sobriety.  [Wait, Lafayette is deliberately staying V sober? – MVB]

FYI [When Sam shifts into a cobra to convince JoeBob to talk] Sam has shifted into a king cobra.  He saw one once at a zoo in Dallas and has always wanted to try this particular animal but, until now, never had a good reason.

FYI [When Luna-as-Sam meets real Sam] Because skinwalking is rare, it doesn’t often occur that a shifter will encounter the imprinted person.  When it does occur, the psychological effects are unpredictable, ranging from mild disorientation to a breakdown of the shifter’s psyche.

FYI [When the fae tell Sookie that Einstein was also a Halfling] Many of history’s scientific and creative geniuses were partially fae.  Ironically, Albert Einstein never actually knew of his special nature.

HINT [As the fae try to help Sookie tap into the energy ripples at the bridge where her parents died] This procedure has never been tried by this group of faeries.  It’s one of those things that they think will work “in theory.”

HINT [As Sookie sees what her mother saw] The events of the night that Sookie’s parents were killed left an impression, a ripple in the energy of time and space.  With the help of the faeries, Sookie is able to tune into that ripple and experience things as her mother did.

HINT [As Hoyt asks a chained up Jessica why she doesn’t love him any more] Even though Jessica broke Hoyt’s heart, he’s incapable of harming her.  She’s still the first girl he ever loved, something that means a whole lot to him.

HINT [When Sookie explains that in the vision, first she was her mama and then she was the vampire, leading Claude to freak out] Faeries lead very long lives, so it’s not often that they see something that is truly shocking.  The fact that Sookie made a bond with a vampire is so inconceivable that it has Claude and the others seriously rattled.  On top of that, they have no idea what the ramifications will be…will this bond lead a vampire, or vampires, right to the faeries? [Since the faeries said someone needed to have a bond in order to connect with someone else in these kinds of energy things, either Sookie has some bond with Warlow directly – which is scary – or she is able to bond with vampires in general because she has become ‘one’ with Eric.  I hope they give us another clue in the new season! – MVB]

FYI [When Tracy from Tracy’s Togs comes into Fangtasia, where Tara is tending bar] Tracy and Tara barely tolerated one another in high school.  Their mutual enmity began in the lunchroom when Tracey decided she didn’t like the way Tara was looking at her.  Tracy started a rumor about a teacher having an affair with Tara that landed Tara in the principal’s office.  Tara responded by spiking Tracy’s diet soda with a laxative, resulting in a very embarrassing incident during cheerleading practice.  Their rivalry culminated with Tara promising Tracy’s boyfriend the best sex of his life if he would take her to prom instead of Tracy, an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Tara went to the prom for half an hour and ditched the guy.  Insulted, he told the school he had sex with Tara before, during, and after the prom, a lie that hurt Tara’s reputation but furthered her anti-Tracy crusade.

RYDER ROUNDTREE [the emcee at the Shreveport pack competition between Alcide and J.D.) is a were by nature and an emcee by trade.  He’s a member of the Shreveport pack but travels throughout the South to host werewolf events and ceremonies.  He’s also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and has added wedding officiating to his list of services.  [So, in other words, he’s kind of a Quinn ripoff! – MVB]

FYI [As J.D. announces that the “animal” they will track is a college track star] For hundreds of years now, the traditional quarry in the packmaster ritual has been an animal of great strength or speed, something that would post a challenge to a wolf.  Depending on the pack’s location, this could mean a deer, a wild boar, jackrabbit or moose.  Tonight, however, J.D. wants to “hearken back to [their] forebears.” This entails hunting an animal of a different sort…a human.

FYI [As Eric tells Nora that he saw Godric during the Lilith high] Godric prided himself on being able to choose potential vampires very well.  He choose Eric because of Eric’s indomitable spirit and never-say-die attitude.  Though he never disclosed his reasons to Eric for choosing Nora, Eric trusted his maker and accompanied him on the night of Nora’s turning.

HINT [As Pam presents Tara with Tracy, chained up in the basement of Fangtasia] Pam has really turned the corner regarding her progeny. She’s almost acting maternal, taking care of Tara’s physical and emotional needs.  And Tara’s really coming around to being a vampire, especially the glamouring part of it.

HINT [As J.D. is whupping Alcide’s ass out in the woods] Although Alcide is normally stronger than J.D., with the packmaster hopped on V, Alcide doesn’t stand a chance. J.D. tried the blood a few times in his youth, but only recently started taking it regularly.

FYI [When Lafayette is possessed by the Iraqi woman that Patrick and Terry killed] What Lafayette is saying more or less translates to: “I will remove the curse only if one of your pigs slaughters the other one.  One of you pigs must die.”

HINT [When Warlow’s energy field appears in Sookie’s bathroom] How is it possible that Warlow is appearing to Sookie in her house? Could she have done something more than simply channel the memory of her parents’ deaths? [Maybe the faerie thing works by connecting with the energy – which is only remnants if the people are dead, but is current if they still exist! – MVB]

FYI [As Russell coyly invites Steve Newlin to Hong Kong someday] Most vampires, if they live long enough, will have lived in almost every part of the world.  Russell, being one of the oldest, has literally been all over the globe.  Every country is his home, but he certainly has his favorites.  When he was King of Mississippi, he and Talbot would often go to Hong Kong for month-long vacations.  The owner of the Kowloon Shangri-La, Eric Yang, was a vampire; even before the Great Revelation, Mr. Yang had partitioned off the top two floors in order to create a luxurious haven for visiting vampires.

HINT [As Bill proposes bombing the Tru Blood factories] Bill’s plan to destroy the Tru Blood factories is the perfect way to demonstrate his value and loyalty to Salome and the remaining Chancellors.  Eric’s surely wondering if this is still part of some long-term plan or if Bill has finally joined the Lilith faithful. [You know, for all that Bill has whined all this time about how miserable he is, he’s still willing to do something incredibly shitty like bombing the Tru Blood factories in order to keep his unhappy existence going.  That’s not just surviving, that’s pursuing power.  – MVB]






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