Spoilery reviews of premiere

Eric & Sookie Lovers posted links to several first reviews of the premiere of True Blood season 6, but they were careful not to include too many spoilers.  Since I’m a total spoiler whore, I am posting several of the juicy spoilers from those reviews below the Read More.  And at least one of them made me squee like the fangirl shipper that I am!

First up, from Fearnet.  These are all direct quotes and there are more details in the original article:

  • What is going on with Bill is clearly the driving mystery of the season, so we won’t get any easy answers. In the first episode, we won’t get any answers at all. There are some new developments with Bill, but I think it is more enjoyable for you to find out as you watch.
  • When Nora hears Jason utter the name “Warlow,” she loses her shit. Without giving too much away, Warlow is one of the oldest vampires and has a major role in vampire lore. We do get to meet Warlow in the season premiere.
  • Eric signs the Stackhouse house back over to Sookie. She rescinds his invitation to the house. Eric is clearly in love with her still, and Sookie seems to be in love with him, but right now, she needs to focus on Sookie.
  • Sam, Luna, and Emma all escape from the Authority compound, but there will surely be complications stemming from that.
  • Tara is in love with Pam.
And from the New York Post:
  • Lesbian vampires, three-way werewolf sex, skinless naked ladies romping about the glen! Oh yes, and one old-man faerie godfather who seems to keep his clothes on.
  • Not as much gore as before, but plenty of pyro-technic action as Bill (Stephen Moyer) has transformed into a super-something. He was killed, yes, but he’s back in a new human form again — but with powers beyond the normal vampire bite-and-fly. He can see the future and it doesn’t look rosy. Bloody yes, but rosy no.
  • The wondrous Rutger Hauer shows up in a beat-up station wagon as Niall, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) long lost faerie grandfather/godfather.
  • When Niall reveals to the Stackhouses that they’re from a royal line of faeries and Jason gets all excited to be royalty, Hauer deadpans “The genes skipped you.”

The quote that made me squeal, of course, was the bit about Eric and Sookie obviously still loving one another because, even if they are separated this season, it gives me hope that they take the time to remind us of their love for one another.

I’m surprised Luna escaped from the Authority because I was convinced she was toast after that last shift.  Since Janina was off set pretty early in the season in order to film Arrow, I assume she is still going to die.  Could she be the one whose funeral everyone attends mid-season? And is the idea that the faerie genes “skipped” Jason going to be the answer to why Jason does not have the fae powers that Sookie does?

Starting to get excited now!


2 responses to “Spoilery reviews of premiere

  1. Just love the spoiler can’t wait for season 6 , here in Australia…..

  2. Yeah that Eric is still in love with Sookie, and her with him. I am hopeful even with all the negativity that is seeming to float with them. PLEASE don’t fuck it up!

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