Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.7 In the Beginning

5.7 In the Beginning

FYI [As Level 1 Protocol is announced after Roman is staked by Russell] There are four levels of emergency protocols within the Authority Headquarters.  Three and Four are for minor violations, and typically are called upon when the blood-reading technology malfunctions or when a maintenance crew happens upon the wrong room. But levels One and Two are saved for more serious breaches, level One almost exclusively for moments in which the Guardian is believed to be in great danger.

FYI [As the fae are testing Sookie’s light powers after blasting her in their confrontation] Faeries use luminescence tests as a means to quantify the amount of light remaining in part-fae.  It is a test Queen Mab banished from the plane of faerie, falsely claiming it diluted someone’s powers.  Claude and his sisters know the test is harmless, and it is practiced more frequently on the earthly plane.

CLAUDIA CRANE Claudia, Claude’s fourth oldest sister, is a part-time dancer and part-time bartender at the faerie club.  She escaped from the faerie plane long before Queen Mab closed the portal, whilst swept up in a torrid love affair with a part-faerie named Beau.  After Beau’s light depleted, he left Claudia in search of a life of normalcy.  Claudia has never been the same since. [So, the light depletion thing is real, which means Sookie really COULD be ‘normal’ someday. Bummer, because I like her keeping her supe status, unless they are going to make Eric human, too. – MVB]

HINT [When Claudia tells Sookie she has to be careful how and how much she uses her light] What does Claudia mean when she tells Sookie to be careful of how she uses her powers? Has Sookie been responsible with her light or has she been reckless?

FYI [As Alcide and Rikki are training in the barn] Alcide met Rikki when he and Debbie first joined the Shreveport pack, but they never got to know each other.  Debbie, jealous as she was, made sure Alcide never got close to any of the other werebitches. [Then it’s a good thing Debbie didn’t leave to see Alcide become packmaster, because I don’t think she’d like him screwing all the werebitches.– MVB]

FYI [As Martha explains how JD turned down packmaster previously to let the role go to Marcus] Martha’s husband wasn’t the most revered of packmasters, but he was packmaster nonetheless.  And as much as he struggled in that position, his bigger quarrels were at home with his son.  Marcus was recalcitrant and aggressive, often believing himself to be above the laws of the pack since his own father was in charge of enforcing them.  But when his father died in a tragic tractor accident when Marcus was only 10, J.D. stepped in an helped prepare Marcus for his future as packmaster of Shreveport.

FYI [When Jason tells Sookie he always thought his parents death was his fault] The night Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse died, Sookie and Jason were at Gran’s house. Even though he was 11 years old, Jason was deemed unfit to babysit Sookie.  He always felt if he was a better kid, his parents would have trusted him to take care of his sister.  Had that been the case, they would not have had to drive the two to Gran’s and they possibly wouldn’t have been on the bridge at the exact moment they met their deaths.  Being a devoted sister, Sookie never placed any blame on Jason and assured him she would always be there for him.

FYI [As Lettie Mae comes into Fangtasia looking for her daughter] Since Lettie Mae married Reverend Daniels, she has devoted her life to his church.  After overhearing that Tara was turned into a vampire from a few ladies after Sunday services, she called Lafayette to find out the truth about her daughter.  He told her, “You wanna know the truth? Get your Jesus kissin’ ass on down to Fangtasia and you’ll find out.” So that’s just what she did.

FYI [As the Chancellors stand around in the Lilith shrine] The Blood Shrine is one of the oldest rooms in the Authority Headquarters.  Roman had the room updated in the 1990s to be more modern in both security and design, but the Shrine itself, of course, remains ancient.

FYI [When Nora tells the story of Lilith’s death] Nora is quoting from the Book of Vampyr:”Lilith met the Sun by the hand of Man…And on the ensuing night, her progeny collected her remains in an earthen jar.”

FYI [Just after Russell rips Dieter’s head off] Dieter Braun, a Chancellor of the Authority since the Renaissance, was a firm believer in mainstreaming.  He helped launch Roman’s agenda, turning the dream of co-existence the two men shared into a reality.

HINT [As the vampires are roaming through the French Quarter, high on Lilith’s blood] Under Roman’s watch, the Authority tended to remain hidden in their underground chambers.  But now that the Guardian is gone, the Council has opted for an outing on the famed Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

HINT Typically, vampire blood has on effect on vampires.  Judging by the behavior of the Council, Lilith’s blood is no ordinary vampire blood.

FYI [As Don Bartolo begins to cut on Lafayette’s head] Don Bartolo is carefully preparing Mariea and her womb for a ritual that will restore Jesus’s magic to his bloodline.  He is practicing a ritualistic form of black magic, which involves caring Santerian symbols into human flesh, using his knife as a pen and Lafayette’s blood as ink.

HINT [As Maria stabs Don Bartolo to death] Maria has always harbored a grudge against Don Bartolo for the way he used magic.  Her family has a long history of practicing white magic, a far cry from the form of magic Don Bartolo has coerced her into participating in.  She did not want their son to have Jesus’s magic for fear that Bartolo would make him use it for evil.

HINT [As JD tells the Shreveport wolves what his ‘vamper friend’ told him] What vampire told J.D. that “the end of days is coming?” How do other supers, like werewolves, fit into the Sanguinists’ plan? Do they fit in at all? [This could actually be interesting if Warlow is part of some vampire end-of-days prophecy.  What is the vampire myth about end times? I’m sure we’ll hear more this season – MVB]

FYI [The wedding party in the bar] This Bourbon Street karaoke bar is closed for a private event, the party after the rehearsal dinner for a big Southern wedding taking place the next evening at the Oak Alley Plantation.

KRISTA “KC” COOPER [the bride-to-be] was born and raised in the Garden District of New Orleans.  The younger of two siblings, KC and her family come from old money dating back to the founding of the city; her family once owned a plantation much like the one on which she’s getting married.  She met her fiancé Bryan at a tailgating party for a New Orleans Saints football game and the two got engaged just four months into their relationship. [BTW,I forgot how great Denis O’Hare’s voice is! – MVB]

HINT [As Jason tells Jessica about his parents’ death] After opening up to Jessica about his sexual addiction and discovering that the two could be friends despite the state of their sex lives, Jason has wanted to share even more of himself with her.  As soon as he heard about his parents, he couldn’t wait to talk to her about it and get her advice.

FYI [Just after Jason shoots Jessica in the head after the bites him during the argument] Regular bullets do little to no harm to vampires. They will typically heal within just a few seconds unless, of course, they’ve been silvered, which would make the healing process much slower.

FYI [As the wedding massacre takes place] Krista and Bryan had invited all of their out of town guests to the karaoke bar for the rehearsal dinner after-party and not one of them survived.  The wedding planner is in for a real surprise in the morning.

Nora describes the effects of drinking Lilith’s blood:





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