Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.6 Hopeless

5.6 Hopeless

HINT [As werewolves attack the group at the asylum] This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Russell consorting with werewolves.  Alcide recognizes these particular wolves as members of the Shreveport pack.  [What I wonder is how an injured Russell hooked up with the Shreveport wolves? Did Salome bring them to Russell? – MVB]

FYI [As Jessica and Tara fight in Fangtasia] To Jessica’s surprise, Tara, a younger and less powerful vampire, has gained the upper hand in their tussle.  Tara’s time as a cage fighter in New Orleans has given her an advantage that Jessica did not expect.

FYI [As Alcide notes that one of the dead werewolves is Nate, whom he pronounces a “fucking dumbass”] Nate was a longtime member of the Shreveport pack. He was one of Marcus Bozeman’s most loyal followers.

KIBWE AKINJIDE [Who has led the Authority in taking Russell captive] came into the Authority already possessing a certain amount of clout due to his role in organizing vampires in Africa.  Roman chose to recruit Kibwe for the man’s diplomatic connections and leadership qualities.  Kibwe surpassed expectations and quickly rose to his Chancellor position.

HINT [As Bill “glamours” Sookie] Bill is pretending to glamour Sookie so he can have a moment to tell her what he thinks will be his final goodbye. [And what does Bill’s final goodbye consist of? Wishing her to go home and do things that actually impossible to who she is, by telling her to live a human life.  Because Bill must think Sookie hates her supe side as much as he does his own. Eff you, Bill Compton. – MVB]

HINT [As Eric glamours Alcide into protecting Sookie] Glamouring a werewolf or shifter is only marginally more difficult than glamouring a human.

FYI [As Luna and Sam are rushed to the hospital] We are in the Monroe Hospital, not far from Shreveport and Bon Temps. [Actually, it is 100 miles between Shreveport and Monroe, which I wouldn’t describe as “close,”  but I recall a road sign that put Bon Temps town center one way and Shreveport 22 miles in the opposite direction, so I think this is all fictional geography anyhow. – MVB]

FYI [As Emma in wolf form goes to her Granma Martha’s house] Werewolves, like any member of the canine family, have an incredibly refined sense of smell and can detect odors up to two miles away.  Their sense of smell also helps wolves detect the unique olfactory fingerprint that every wolf gives off. Now that Emma’s maturing into a wolf, it was a simple matter of using her nose to track down Martha.

FYI [As Kibwe slaughters the humans rescued from the basement of the asylum] Kibwe knows that glamouring, although 99.99% effective, still leaves some room for error.  There’s only one solution more effective…

FYI [As Jason dreams about his father Corbett] Corbett and Jason were very close.  Thought Corbett loved Sookie dearly, Jason was the apple of his eye.  It was because of Corbett’s love of the New Orleans Saints that Jason first took an interest in football and with Corbett’s encouragement, began playing in the first place.  Corbett would also take Jason fishing, and even though they rarely caught anything, they would always stop for a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen. To this day, Jason can’t pass a Dairy Queen without buying two Dilly Bars, one for himself and one for his father.  [What in the frilly heck is a Dilly Bar? I had to Google it because we don’t get to a Dairy Queen all the often.  –MVB]

FYI [As Alcide flashes back to making out with Sookie] Alcide is having flashes of things that happened before they went after Russell.  When Eric glamoured Alcide to erase those memories, he must have also partly muddied events from earlier in the night, including the interrupted make-out session between Sookie and Alcide.

HINT [As Martha brings Emma to Luna in the hospital] Martha had a complicated relationship with her son, the kind that mothers of troublesome children have.  She loved Marcus but had to acknowledge that he was not the kind of man she would have hoped to call a son.  Throughout Marcus’s marriage to Luna, Martha grappled with mixed emotions, vacillating between her dislike of Luna and her empathy for her daughter-in-law’s difficult situation. She grew to respect Luna for standing up to Marcus and even quietly supported Luna’s decision to divorce Marcus.

FYI [As Lafayette visits his mother after the nursing home called him to come] Lafayette last visited his mother about six months ago.  Due to their strained relationship, he tends to limit the amount of times he sees her. [Okay, I have put up with poor punctuation in this blu-ray set of commentaries, but this is actual word misuse.  This should read he limits either the ‘amount of time’ or the ‘number of times,’ but not the ‘amount of times.’  HBO, who is doing this, the winter intern? Bring me to CA and I’ll write them for you – correctly. – MVB]

HINT [As Salome serves bubbly looking blood to the Chancellors, Eric and Bill in honor of the capture of Russell Edgington] The blood that the Authority is drinking is a special type of highly oxygenated blood.  The process creates an effervescent effect that is a true delight to the vampire senses and, because of its great expense, a rare treat.

HINT [As Roman brings in the ancient jug of wine that costs “a fucking fuckload of money”] The blood Roman’s referring to has an interesting backstory.  Because of the tendency towards intermarriage, hemophilia afflicted a large number of European monarchs and royalty.  This blood likely came from one of the Hapsburg princes, making it even more luxurious.

HINT [As Roman questions Eric’s religious views] Eric has always had a problem with authority and in his opinion, has stayed alive this long by looking out for himself and himself alone.  Simply put, he’s not a joiner.

ROSALYN talks about the origins of the Authority:

[Rosalyn makes an interesting point that the Authority has been what has been holding the monarchs in check. With the Authority gone, what will the various monarchs do? – MVB]

FYI [As Roman quotes a verse about the value of humans from the vampire bible] The passage quoted by Roman underscores the idea that humans have some amount of grace bestowed on them by the vampire God.

FYI [As Sookie and Jason look for the fae club in the field] We are in a field by the old Thibodeaux farm, not far from Bon Temps.

FYI [As Sookie hears the fae party but can’t yet see it] The faerie club exists in a “pocket dimension” created by the faeries to hide their presence from earth dwellers. It’s accessible only by entities bearing fae blood, though non-faeries can be physically transported.  Unlike the faerie plane of existence, this is a self-contained microverse. [And just after this, Sookie walks right in with no effort whatsoever, while Jason is still standing out in the field! Based on what previous commentaries have said about having to have fae blood to get in, this would seem to indicate that Sookie definitely does have fae blood – and Jason does not.  I wonder if they will explain this when Niall turns up? – MVB]

FYI [We meet Junior, clerk at the Stake House, who is talking about what sounds like the same field where Sookie and Jason just met the fae] In Junior’s tenure at the Stake House, he’s become aware of the scope and depth of the supernatural world. He was initially focused on vampires but in his crusade to rid the world of the fanged creatures, he stumbled across the existence of werewolves and shapeshifters. Surprisingly, Junior has a secret werepanther lady friend with whom he meets up every few weeks for quick trysts in his truck. He keeps vowing to quit her but something about her keeps him coming back…

HINT [When Sam comes into the store, Junior looks at him strangely] Junior recognizes Sam from when he and his friends tried to kill him.

FYI [Sam is tensing up as Junior watches him] Just as dogs can smell the minute changes in body chemistry, Sam detects the byproducts of fight-or-flight in Junior’s sweat and exhalations.

JERRY CLIJSTERS [The male vamp feeding on Hoyt until Hoyt is nearing death outside Fangtasia] is a recently made vampire.  He’s from rural New Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a graphic artist.  He ran with a rough crew of Hollywood wannabes, including a vampire named Tabitha, who kept Jerry and his friends high on her blood.  They returned the favor by letting Tabitha feed on them.  One night Tabitha, unusually hungry, got carried away and drained Jerry; she decided to turn him as atonement, which suited Jerry just fine.  After his first year as a new vampire, he decided to travel through the United States, hitting all the vampire hot spots all along I-10 before heading North.

HINT [As the faeries are dancing, we can see various humans, like the judge] The faeries keep a roster of influential clients in order to ensure their location remains a secret.  Their reasoning is that no client would be foolish enough to admit visiting the club or that it even exists.  It’s a type of mutually assured destruction that keeps everyone satisfied.

FYI [As Claude explains why these fae are different than the ones Sookie met in the fae portal before] Claude and a large contingent of faeries left their world when Queen Mab went too far in her harvesting of faerie-human hybrids.  Before the portals between the two worlds were closed permanently, there was an exodus of rebellious faeries to the Earthly plane, where they created this faerie club and others like it throughout the world.

FYI [As Nora recites a prayer, ignoring Eric, who stands outside her cell] This prayer is called the Mater Magna and is similar to Catholic prayers.  It invokes both God and his daughter Lilith in times of need.

FYI [As Russell rants while Roman prepares to execute him] Russell has had an antagonistic relationship with the Authority for almost the entirety of Roman’s guardianship.  Russell has a general disdain for any person or organization that asserts dominion over him (or any other vampire) and a very specific distaste for Roman’s mainstreaming agenda.  For his part, Roman feels that Russell’s laissez-faire attitude is a threat to the future of human and vampire co-existence.


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