Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.5 Let’s Boot and Rally

5.5 Let’s Boot and Rally

FYI [As Lafayette smudges his house because of his distress over the demon inside him messing with Sookie’s car] Lafayette is using a “smudge stick,” a bundle of dried sage, to drive out the evil demons that haunt him.  A tradition often used in Native American purification rituals, smudging has also become a staple of neopaganism.  It is believed to aid in psychological and spiritual cleansing and to ward off what Lafayette calls “hinky brujo shit.”

HINT [When Arlene walks in a sleeping, naked Andy after he has been returned to his home by the fae] This isn’t the first time Arlene has walked in on Andy naked since Andy likes to “air dry” after he showers.  Terry, Arlene and the kids moved in with Grandma Bellefleur after their home burned down.  With Andy living there as well, Caroline has a particularly full house.  It hasn’t been easy on anyone.

HINT [As Eric, Bill and Sookie sit at her kitchen table after interrupting her with Alcide] How long have Bill and Eric been gone from Sookie’s life? [Well, they killed Nan the same night she told both of them it was over and then were captured and recaptured.  Pam has mentioned that no one has heard from Eric for four days, and it has probably been a day or two since then, so maybe a week at most? And yet Sookie is jumping all over Alcide like a horn dog. Not sure what the hint is supposed to imply beyond that they are back already and Sookie is already ‘moving on.’ – MVB]

FYI [When Sookie quotes “onward into the jaws of death” as she leads the way to looking for Russell] Sookie is referencing Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famed poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”  Pam first introduced her to the UK’s Poet Laureate, claiming that Tennyson was a friend of her human father’s who would recite his work to her when she was a little girl to help her fall asleep.  After hearing Pam’s story, Sookie decided to stop by a bookstore and pick up a collection of his poems.  [Read the full text of The Charge of the Light Brigade – MVB]

KATHY MCLEOD [Woman at the bar in Fangtasia who asks Tara for a drink and flirts] Kathy McLeod is an elementary school teacher in Frierson, just outside of Shreveport.  Her fiancé, a fellow teacher, recently broke off their engagement when he found out about her vampire fetish.  In addition to frequenting Fangtasia and other vampire bars, Kathy keeps a stash of vampire porn hidden on her laptop.

FYI [As Russell is dug up in Doug’s memory, revealing the ancient vampire as a bloody, skinless wraith] If a vampire doesn’t feed, he will begin to decompose, slowly and painfully. Eventually, a vampire can die this way, but it would take a very long time.]

HINT [When Sookie reveals she sees a necklace that Bill and Eric recognize as the Authority symbol] The only vampires that have these specific pendants and wear them at all times are members of the Authority.  But the symbol itself, which represents Lilith, the Vampire God, is rather popular, covering the majority of Vampire Bibles across the world and adorning the walls of many Sanguinist homes. [There really is an actual Lilith symbol, used in astrology. – MVB]

HINT [After the Authority report that Eric, Bill and Sookie stopped at the convenience mart for coffee and Nutter Butters] The group stopped for a cup of coffee at Sookie’s insistence, claiming she needed something to help her hangover if they wanted her to keep reading Doug’s thoughts.  And the Nutter Butters were for Doug, a nervous man easily calmed by the comforts of junk food. [Sugar and fat produce opiates in the brain, so I sympathize with your drug of choice, Doug – MVB]

FYI [As Salome uses the blood from her finger to enter the shrine that holds Lilith’s blood] Blood-reading technology is used throughout the Authority Headquarters to prevent any breaches in security.  This particular door is restricted only to the Chancellors of the Authority.

FYI [As Roman mourns his need to stake Chancellor Drew, who he had thought was a fellow mainstreamer] Alexander Drew [the boy vampire – MVB] joined the Authority in the early 1900s and shared Roman’s love what was then becoming one of the more popular sports in the United States: golf.  The two would hit the links together and discuss politics, a ritual they kept private from the other Chancellors.  Alexander would not become a Chancellor himself until 1982.  [Okay, so just to clarify,  you can be Authority but not be one of the Chancellors, which seems to be a small subgroup. So Nan was Authority, but she wasn’t a Chancellor, and Molly is Authority, but she also is not a Chancellor. – MVB]

Salome talks about the shrine of Lilith (and looks gorgeous in all that green, too!)

FYI [After the commander tells Terry to “dead check” the Iraqi woman they have shot] A military term that was first popularized in a 2004 article for The Village Voice by journalist Evan Wright, “dead checking” refers to double checking or confirming that an Iraqi enemy is, in fact, dead.  It became standard during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and usually involved two bullets in the chest and one to the head. [Evan Wright is also the author of the book Generation Kill, the book on which Alexander Skarsgard’s 2008 HBO miniseries was based.  If you haven’t seen it, you should – MVB]

HINT [As Jessica and Tara talk in Fangtasia about what is like to be a new vampire] Baby vamps are hard to come by in Bon Temps, so it’s no surprise that Jessica and Tara are bonding.  Jessica’s mishap with Hank the trucker was inextricably linked to the fact that she had almost no one to turn to when she was first made.

FYI [As the group looking for Russell turn into the abandoned asylum] The Babcock Hospital for the Insane has been shut down since the 1950s, after controversial procedures such as electroshock therapy and experimental drugs caused the facility to lose its funding.  It was briefly used by the state as a hospital for the criminally insane, but patients were transferred elsewhere shortly after, leaving the once beautiful edifice abandoned to deteriorate.

FYI [As Jason digs a wooden bullet out of a tree at the crime scene where Emory and Suzanne have been shot] Wooden bullets are nothing new; they have been used by militaries for decades, both in training and in combat, most notably by the Germans and the Japanese during World War II. However, it wasn’t until the Great Revelation that they became widely available at the consumer level.

HINT [As Sookie walks through the asylum with Doug and pauses, shaking her head] Sookie is struggling to read Doug’s thoughts.  Is it the peach schnapps or is it something to do with her faerie powers?

FYI [After Eric consoles Doug by telling him that New York City smells like pee and the people are rude] Many of New York City’s vampires live in Hell’s Kitchen, situated between 34th and 59th Streets from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.  Some think Hell’s Kitchen got its name from Davy Crockett, while others believe it came from gangs taking the namesake from a slum in London, but the majority believe it was first coined by a New York cop witnessing a riot on 39th Street.  What they don’t know, however, is that the riot the cop witnessed was amongst a nest of vampires, fighting over a part-faerie human pet.

HINT [As Tara smokes a cigarette outside Fangtasia] When she was dating Naomi, Tara limited herself to one cigarette a day. But now that she’s a vampire and doesn’t have to worry about her lungs, she’s picked up her old habits and smoke a pack, sometimes two, a day.

FYI [When Hoyt shows up at Fangtasia in his fangbanger get up] Hoyt acquired his new look at the pierre Bossier mall’s Hot Topic. He bought whatever was on display in the Fangbanger aisle, without actually trying it on, and slathered on some of Jessica’s old Wet N’ Wild black eyeliner.

FYI [As Sookie and the rest of the group pass the asylum morgue] The morgue is not the only place the Babcock Hospital for the Insane would keep dead bodies.  There is also a graveyard in the west yard, where patients who died in treatment were buried.

FYI [As Patrick burns the bodies of his unit’s Iraqi victims]  Patrick burned the bodies to cover up his tracks.  He was looking forward to returning home to his wife Maggie and didn’t want anything to hold him up.

HINT [As  Terry and Patrick are remembering Iraq and the Ifrit] While Ifrits have more powers than men and spirits, it is believed that they can be tamed or even harmed, with properly applied magic.  How might this affect other residents of Bon Temps? [Well, it might be a useful tool if we didn’t know that the Ifrit was defeated by the end of the season without being used by someone else!  So what is this comment, a prompt for fanfiction? Sheesh. – MVB]

HINT [As Jesus’s decapitated head appears to Lafayette and Ruby Jean] Being a brujo himself, Jesus recognized Ruby Jean’s gifts very early on.  Despite her constant hassling, Jesus bonded with Ruby Jean and appreciated her somewhat eccentric take on magic. [So, did Jesus ever tell Lafayette that his mama was a medium and probably not really crazy? If not, why not? I would be more inclined to believe Jesus didn’t know about her magic until he was dead himself rather than he would withhold such important info from his lover. – MVB]

FYI [As Luna and Sam talk about Emory and Suzanne’s deaths, when they hear a noise that is probably Emma in her wolf form in her room] Luna is fierce, loyal and loving but she’s also stubborn as an ox.  She doesn’t want Sam to know that Emma is a werewolf because it would mean he was right in their recent break up fight.  She also doesn’t want to admit, even to herself, that maybe Emma does need a pack.

HINT [As the Obamas are shooting Sam and Luna] How did this group, hiding their identities behind Obama masks, know that a shifter lived here?

FYI [As Roman gives his speech about Sanguinistas to the assembled members of the Authority] Mainstreamers consider Sanguinistas to be “fanatics” and “fundamentalists” while Sanguinistas often slander Mainstreamers as “morally loose sympathizers.”


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