Season 5 blu-ray extras: 5.4 We’ll Meet Again

Lots of interesting information here about the intensity of the vampire/progeny bond, and background on the faeries.

5.4 We’ll Meet Again

FYI [As Eric and Bill are dropped off to begin their search for Russell] At Bill and Eric’s request, the Authority was kind enough to drop them right outside of Shreveport, a good starting point for their search for Russell.

FYI [As Sookie is rather hysterically confessing to Jason that she killed Debbie Pelt] Sookie holds a special attraction for supernatural types.  As a result, one could say that she attracts conflict, drama, and danger into her life the lives of those around her.

HINT [Just after Bill asks Tara in Fangtasia if Sookie is safe and Tara has been complaining about saving Sookie so many times] Sookie rekindled something in Bill, a feeling he had not experienced in a long time.  That’s not easily forgotten and is probably why he wants to know if she is safe. [Well, at least that is better than reading about how he still passionately loves her, no matter what – and you know they could have gone there. – MVB]

HINT [Eric has just been confronting Pam very physically about whether she was the one who dug up Russell Edgington and he is clearly still enraged] If Pam had nothing to do with digging up Russell, then Bill and Eric’s investigation just got a lot more complicated. [Good point, and one I hadn’t thought about.  Talk about hard choices – betrayal by your progeny or having no clues to where Russell is and a deadline to meet? Eric is fucked either way.]

FYI [ As Pam is telling Eric he might as well release her if he doesn’t trust her] Pam doesn’t really want Eric to release her, but she’s trying anything to get a reaction.  She’s very aware that for a vampire, being released means a lingering sense of loss and confusion, not unlike the human experience of losing a parent. [Is that a truth that is hard-wired into vampires or is it meant to be a psychological phenomenon? Do different vampires experience it differently? And didn’t Bill release Jessica early on, but without a lot of fanfare being made over it? – MVB]

ALEXANDER DREW [the child Chancellor, aka the Annoying One clone] was a child during the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918 and was almost one of its victims.  His mother, a woman of some influence in Philadelphia’s social circles, took her dying son to a man rumored to have powers over life and death.  The man – a vampire named Edgar – tried to dissuade Mrs. Drew but she insisted.  Alexander was spared death by would forever inhabit a child’s body.  Shortly after being turned, he moved to Edgar’s house when his mother proved unable to tend to the baby vampire’s needs.  Edgar was a member of the Authority and involved Alexander from an early age.  Alexander was very bright and charismatic and rose in the Authority’s ranks, become a Chancellor in 1982.  He worked diligently to push Roman’s mainstreaming agenda in the Scandinavian countries, as well as the more liberal countries in South and Central America.  Normally, turning a human child is considered cruel by all but the most mercenary vampires and child-sized vampires are very rare, with no more than a hundred or so in existence.

HINT [When shifters Emory and Suzanne drop into Merlotte’s to see Sam]  The shifter group is secretive in nature. The members try to socialize in the very specific context of the group and it’s not unusual for them to go days without communication.  But Sam’s real reason for avoiding Emory and Suzanne has more to do with Luna that with any need for secrecy. [Since Luna was part of the group, why does he want to avoid them? Especially since they seem to know they are dating? – MVB]

HINT [As Sookie walks through Merlotte’s, where everyone is thinking nasty thoughts about her role in turning Tara] When Sookie experiences heightened emotions, it becomes more difficult to maintain the concentration required to filter out the thoughts coming her way. [Well, at least that explains why sometimes she hears things and other times she doesn’t. Maybe.  – MVB]

FYI [When Lafayette curses Sookie’s car in demon form] Santa Muerte is a religious figure.  Literally translated it means “Saint Death.” Lafayette is summoning Santa Muerte, saying “come to me, come to me.”
HINT [As Sookie starts to drink at home] Anything that might lower inhibitions makes Sookie more susceptible to the barrage of thoughts from other people.  In a large group, this would become nearly unbearable for her, so she usually avoids alcohol and drugs.

HINT [As Jessica glamours Andy Bellefleur to make him forget about Debbie Pelt’s murder] Once Jessica learned to glamour she discovered an almost unnatural predilection for it.  She can glamour a human as quickly and easily as a much older vampire.  Of course, it helps that her victim is Andy Bellefleur…

HINT [ As Pam checks on Tara in her coffin after Tara was burned] Just as the progeny of a vampire must obey his or her maker, the parental feeling and dynamic are built into the relationship . So even though Pam hated Tara before turning her, she can’t avoid caring for Tara now, even if that comes out in Pam’s unique way. [No wonder Eric is so solemn about turning someone – if you can’t help but care of them, it makes sense to make sure it is someone you are open to feeling that way towards. – MVB]

FYI [As Pam agrees to let Eric release her] Releasing one’s progeny is easy to do but difficult to live with.  The emotional hangover, even when the relationship is unhealthy, can last for hundreds of years. [So, Eric is going to feel like shit for a while, no matter if releasing Pam was his choice or not.  Waaaaahh! And knowing this, watching the actual release is a subtly different.  Pam gasps a little as the words are spoken and now I wonder if she actually felt something almost physical when he said it. – MVB]

ANGELA, DELILIAH & LILIANNE [the three fairies who take Andy, Jason and the corrupt judge to the fairy club in a limo] are three young fairies.  They are best friends, inseparable since birth.  Delilah is the leader, Angelica is the funny one and Lilianne is the diplomat of the group.  They all worked for Queen Mab but left when she began severing ties to the human plane.

HINT [As Bill and Jessica are searching his home for bugs, when he finds a “low quality shit” doobie] Lots of makers take a “helicopter maker” approach to their progeny, keeping their offspring on a short leach.  Though strict at first, Bill relaxed over time and now is more like the “cool dad,” letting Jessica learn on her own most of the time – even if that means looking the other way at certain behaviors.

FYI [ As Roman threats to execute Bill and Eric by app] The iStake Mobile App can activate any iStake around the world.  The technology was developed by Molly and is only available to high-ranking Authority members.

LEDA [a fae who beckons to Jason the first time he enters the fae club] Leda, the woman beckoning Jason, is a middle-aged faerie.  She had been living in tiny, protected fairy enclaves until finding out about the faerie club from her friend Maurella.  She made a beeline for Louisiana and has been dancing here ever since.

MELANIE FARLEY [a girl that Pam brings to Tara for feeding] was born in southern Ohio, the daughter of a taxidermist and a dental assistant mother.  Melanie was popular in high school, but she hated college and dropped out to move with in with her boyfriend in Chicago.  Four years later, she caught him cheating and booked it south to stay with her cousin in NoLA. She decided to go back to school to become a paralegal and pays her tuition by acting as a live donor to vampires. [That takes college-age plasma donation – which was common back when I was in school – to a whole new level… -MVB]

FYI [As Roman takes out the stake made of the Judas tree in the Council chambers] Tradition holds that the Stake of the Judas Tree was created by a Roman guard, Marcellus, who discovered Judas’s hanging corpse.  Without quite understanding why, he cut the bough, kept the thirty silver pieces, and over the next three years worked the bough into the form seen today.  Marcellus was turned into a vampire by a Chancellor and became the executioner during the Great Purging, using the stake on all of his victims.  After the Authority had accomplished its goals, the stake was designated as a sacred item to be used only by the Guardian. [“The Great Purging”? I want to know more!!! – MVB]

Rosalyn talks about the Sanguinistas – and mentions Remus, Godric’s vampire brother, who plays a significant role in the True Blood comics in flashback.

FYI [As Roman looks threateningly at the Council, speculating on who else besides Nora might be a Sanguinist] After Roman became Guardian, he immediately began instituting his mainstreaming agenda.  Though most vampires went along with it, there were very vocal Sanguinists among the ranks who did whatever it took to derail Roman and his new Authority.  After an attempt by one Sanguinist group to assassinate Roman while on vacation in Iceland, he made it part of his mission to exercise extreme prejudice in ridding the world of the Sanguinists.  The bloodiest conflict to date occurred in Siberia, where Authority guards were pinned down by a group of 20 insurgents.  The fighting lasted a week but the Authority eventually breached the compound and eliminated everyone inside.  The Authority called it the Siberian Victory; the Sanguinists refer to it as the Siberian Massacre.

FYI [As Roman presents video evidence that the Annoying One/the child vamp is a traitor to the mainstreaming cause] The video shows Chancellor Drew feeding on a human on a rooftop with the unmistakable Seattle skyline in the background.

FYI [Just after Roman stakes Drew into a gooey mess all over his laptop] The Guardian has not needed to stake a Chancellor in almost 400 years.  Early in Roman’s guardianship, a Chancellor desiring the guardianship for herself almost succeeded in assassinating Roman.  After narrowly escaping with his life, Roman immediately gathered the Chancellors for the public execution of his would-be killer.

FYI [When Hadley spots Jason in the faerie bar] After the Sophie-Anne affair, Hadley and Hunter were contacted by the faeries in charge of rounding up all human-faery hybrids.  Since Hadley could not travel to their plane, she was put in the protection of some faeries on the human plane.  They eventually made their way to the faerie club, a growing haven for earthbound fae.

FYI [As Hadley explains she is hiding from the vampires] A faerie safe house is a “place” that exists outside of the earthly plane, kind of like a pocket in the fabric of space that allows faeries to be hidden from any vampires.  Entering or exiting only works for someone with faerie blood in their veins, unless physically accompanied by a faerie.

HINT [Just after Hadley drops the bomb that Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed by vampires, not a flood] During Hadley’s time with the faeries, she’s picked up quite a bit about her (and Sookie’s) lineage, some of which she wishes she could forget…[Hmmm.  Does Hadley know something about how fae started breeding with Stackhouses? – MVB]




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