It’s a two-fer!!! *spoilers*

Not just ONE new promo clip, but TWO!



4 responses to “It’s a two-fer!!! *spoilers*

  1. ehh. It is Jessica…. More Eric!

    • I was about to say more NAKED Eric, but then I realized that he might need to be naked with someone other than Sookie and that is a double-edged sword for me. ;-P

      Does that guy that Jessica is cradling look like the baby-drinking vampire who kind of got lost in the shuffle at the end of season 5? Maybe we’ll finally find out why they bothered to write that character in at all.

  2. Girl I think that’s Bill….. Not that baby eater guy.. look closely, he looks like he may have caught on fire but it’s definitely not Niles or Nigil guy…. And WTF is with Jessica’s teeth right after she bares them at Sookie, the next clip where you see Sook, Eric, Jess, and that other hoe Nora LOL… her teeth look fucked up pointy grill…

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