EW True Blood articles

Entertainment Weekly didn’t just write one article about True Blood in this week’s issue, but TWO! Below the Read More since there are spoilers.

I have to say, I know that the timeline is pretty compressed in this show, but I’m still kind of tired of Eric and Sookie being separated, especially now that Bill is no long Bill.  I’ll be convinced that the major members of this supposed love triangle are apart in ‘an interesting way’ when I see it.  And as for Brian Buckner’s comment about Bill and Sookie? Ugh.  How about “they can never be together,” Bucky?

But I also have to say that if I do find this season disappointing…well, that is what fanfiction is for, so I can deal!

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9 responses to “EW True Blood articles

  1. lostinspace33

    Yes, Bucky’s comment about Bill and Sookie’s “togetherness” annoyed the crap out of me, too. The story (SVM and TB) is supposed to revolve around Sookie, not Bill and Sookie!

  2. Is Rutina pregnant? She’s got that look about her face.

  3. Eric is “QUITE LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY” by Bill’s new found power…. Something prompts Sookie will to declare another separation from the men she loves???
    “I would say the love triangle is on the outs more than in” says buckner, “But they’ll be apart in a VERY INTERESTING WAY???” aaannnnnnd
    Sookie meets her great grandfather who comes to protect the bloodlines BUT, EVEN HIS ANCIENT POWERS CAN’T KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE BETWEEN BILL, SOOKIE AND ERIC???
    I know I’m a naysayer but this just keeps pointing to Eric getting killed to my ears…. Bill is already basically dead.. he died in the last episode to be reborn into, whatever the fuck he is not…
    I totally hope I’m wrong, it makes me sick to my stomach.. And the entire June my schedule has me working Sundays so I can’t even watch the show live until I’m off so I have to hear speculation until I can see the show… GGRROOWWWLLLL, If they kill Eric, I’m going BUBBYE from this show, this world and fanfiction will be my only love from that point on…. sorry for the rant, I just read this and I see all bad for Eric and Sookie, Shit all bad for Eric period… I pray he don’t die…

    • Well, we know Eric is alive right up until the last episode or two at least, so we will see. I wonder what will happen that makes Sookie want to be away from Eric (I think being away from Bill is a given since he has become Billith.) Will she find out about Nora and decide she can’t be around the two of them knowing they have been lovers? Will she find out that she and Eric have a special bond (which I still believe happened when they exchanged blood in season 4?) and it pisses her off?

      • How do you know Eric is alive right up until the last episode or two?? And hum…. I think you may be close with either of your theories on why Sookie is running from Eric again… Hell thru half the books all the child did was run.. She couldn’t even love him enough to save him… Have you read the last book? I’m curious how Sookie got with Sam and is she so much more in love with Sam then she was with Eric, however I refuse to buy the book… LOL..

        • oops… I just have a hard time seeing her getting together with Sam because she hasn’t been interested in him like that really thru any of the books…. maybe she thought about is but WTF… no continuity in the last few books to me to add up to the Sam, Sookie end game… Just curious is all, did she tell Eric she did not love him? Did Eric tell her he didn’t love her? Eric has ALWAYS fought for her and she can’t even throw him a bone in the end to save and stay with him??? See curious but not gonna give money up **snort**

        • Alex was actually asked if his character was dying and he answered that he had just shot the last two episodes and Eric was alive until then, but wouldn’t say more — because you know he’s not going to give up the truth about something that major either way! But Eric is definitely alive at least close to the end — and doing something at a TruBlood factory, to judge by a photo I saw of him filming on set.

          I haven’t read the last book and probably won’t until enough time has passed that I can be objective about it. I was one of those people who did NOT see the Sam ending coming as a given, although I knew it was a possibility, and I won’t be able to read it without feeling badly for both Eric and Sookie. So I may eventually get around to it, but not any time soon. Sooooooo disappointing after so many years of hoping for a happy S/E ending! What’s worse is that I feel as if the message CH was sending was that Eric and Sookie’s love was a bad choice from the beginning and that just makes all the other books seem less valuable to me — except as source material in case I ever decide to write an SVM rather than TB fic.

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