Pam and Tara spoilers

When last we saw Pam and Tara, they had just had a passionate smooch.  What can we expect in season 6?  Natalie Abrams of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has some news – below the Read More!

Please tell me you have some Pam-and-Tara scoop for True Blood? – Lila
The state of Louisiana will declare war on vampires, so there won’t be any time for Tara and Pam to braid each others’ hair and talk about their feelings about their hot kiss in the finale. However, their relationship will deepen as a result of two shocking events: 1) Pam will find out (for the first time) who Nora really is to Eric and 2) Tara will become Victim No. 1 to a frighteningly powerful new weapon that the police has devised to combat vampires. These are no mere wooden bullets!

I can see Pam being shocked and hurt to find out that Nora is Eric’s sister and that he never mentioned it after being together for a hundred years — especially after learning that he never told her about his family’s murder by Russell’s wolves, either.  I expect Pam to feel that she was never as close to Eric as she thought she was since he has these secrets.  While part of me feels sad for Pam to discover that, another part of me is relieved because it takes away Pam’s credibility as the leading expert on “who Eric is.”  Yes, she thinks she knows him — but she never believed that Amnesia!Eric was any part of the “real” Eric, while I think it was his deepest core self beneath the habits of a millennium.  Not that her view of him is worthless, but it’s just not as complete as she thinks it is.
When Tara is injured, it sounds as if all the Northman blood vamps are going to take it hard.  Pam will be concerned for her progeny — something I don’t think she has felt for anyone but Eric in a century — and Eric is going to take the battle to the humans on his grand-progeny’s behalf.



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